Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bunny vs. Boy Scouts

Yesterday we traveled back from Flash & Mark's house to Pat the Bunny's. We have done a lot of back and forth on this staycation, and if I ever have to take out and reinstall car seats again in 13 degree weather, it will be too soon. I'm officially tired of living out of suitcases, so it's fitting that we'll be heading back to Idaho in 4 more days.
I'm thankful for the time with family and how it made the time away from Josh pass by quickly, but now I'm ready to get home and prepare for his return! If only I could just teleport there instead of dragging my 2 kids and 10 pieces of luggage to the airport.
The Detroit airport no less, now infamous for the crotch bomber.
I have flown often enough with the kids to know what to expect, but I never fail to get flustered during the security process. Getting jackets and shoes off of all 3 of us, keeping the kids right next to me when there are so many fun looking things to explore, convincing Alex that it's okay to walk through the x-ray machine by herself, removing liquids, opening laptops, keeping out boarding passes, and then putting all of those things back in their place is...well, flustering.
So wish me luck.

Wanted for Crimes Against the Boy Scouts:
Bunny, Pat the 

I'm wondering if maybe I should change the name of this blog to the "Many Adventures of Pat the Bunny."
But then when I go home it wouldn't work anymore so I think I'll just leave it as is, but I simply must share her latest blunder with you.
Seriously, you can't leave her alone for a minute or she'll find some kind of mess to get into.

So it's very cold here, and Pat the Bunny had some garbage that needed to go out. Normally she puts it in the garage in the backyard, because it has to be kept away from Grace the Wonder Dog.
(Grace has been known to emerge from the backyard garbage can with a partially eaten dirty diaper on occasion. So disgusting, and reason number 3,871 that I don't own a dog.)
But because it was dark, cold, and icy, PtB decided to wait until daylight to walk out to the garage so she could look for patches of ice.
A perfectly reasonable decision.
But she still needed to put the full bag of trash somewhere, and she couldn't just set it out back because of the aforementioned animal.
So she set it on the front porch, with the intention of moving it to the garage the next morning.

Fast forward to the next morning. PtB goes out to move the trash, and finds that it is gone.
Who would take a (huge) bag of stinky trash?

Well, I'll tell you who:
The Boy Scouts.

That very morning happened to be the day they were coming around to pick up empty cans* that people were donating to help them pay for their summer camp.

*In Michigan, you pay 10 cents extra per can of "pop" and then take it back to the store and get refunded when the cans are empty. That way everyone recycles their cans.

I'm sure the Boy Scout that came to PtB's porch thought they had hit the mother lode! But they will be sorely disappointed when they dump that pile of garbage out. I don't think takeout remnants and chicken parts will be of any help in getting them to summer camp.
And they will surely look at the discarded mail to see who did this to them.

I predict there will be a new merit badge this season, Rabbit Killing.


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

When does hubby return? I feel for you . . . travelling with kids. That must be torture. That is too funny about the garbage can! And tell Pat the Bunny that her dog is not the only one to eat poopoo diapers. :)

Sunk Costs said...

Bwahahaha. Oh Pat. What an unlucky coincidence.

I feel stressed just imagining your airport security situation.