Friday, January 29, 2010


Most of you probably know the internet lingo "LOL" which means "laugh out loud."

I personally find that it's being grossly overused these days.

When was the last time you actually laughed out loud when your waitress brought you the wrong meal? Or when your lost keys were in the last place you looked for them?
Yet I've seen people post those very same statuses with "LOL" right after them.
If those things happened to me, I'd be happy if I didn't "CUB" instead. (Curse Under my Breath)

But who am I to judge?

I mean, if I were the judge, of course I would regulate it's overuse. And while I was on the job, I'd also ban people on Facebook from posting status updates like this:

MaryJane "doesn't have anything new to report, just another day."

Then why exactly did you write anything at all? Don't you know that I attempt to keep my Facebooking to a minimum and would like to quickly scan the newsfeed for something interesting?

You found out the gender of your baby? yes! Post it!
You're moving? Fill us in!
An urgent need for prayer? I'm all ears!

Not so important:
What you're eating for lunch, that you have a headache, your dog is being groomed, you're bored, and any post that vaguely alludes to something that you obviously aren't inclined to share the details about.

Keep it to yourselves folks!

Pardon me, apparently I forgot that I'm really not the judge.
Please, carry on.

That was quite the tangent anyway. What I intended to post about was my husband and his endearing quality of Laughing out Loud.

When we watch something funny, I often find myself not watching the show, but watching him instead.
Josh loves a good laugh. He loves physical comedy-- you know, like when people fall down and hurt themselves.
Which means he's a big fan of cheesy movies like Stepbrothers, Dodgeball, etc. Sometimes he'll pull up YouTube and literally search for "people hurting themselves."
He'll get online and watch clips from Saturday Night Live.
And he'll LOL.
I caught him in the act yesterday.
Maybe it's because he's my husband and I love him, but when I watch this, it makes me laugh out loud.

So LOL with me in my husband's honor, and if you're so inclined, feel free to rant in the comments about your least favorite internet faux pas.


js said...

I did literally laugh out loud watching your husband laugh out loud. But when the video ended, I panicked, quickly glancing over my shoulder to make sure the person I trust most in this life, the person to whom I vowed to stay with for the rest of my life, was not recording my laughing at something on the computer to later post on the internet.

I'm Erin. said...

touche justin.

If it makes it any better, it was posted with love.
And permission.

Erin said...

I do that too! We watch CHUCK and I think it is hilarious to watch Justin laugh at the show.

And, I'm with you about all the status updates. I'd like to catch up with everyone once a day with one scroll down.

Anonymous said...

That video made me laugh! :) I totally hear you on all your rants. LOL.

Jen McD said...

I'm not a fan of lol - I think I've only used it once... now make that twice. I hope your CUB takes flight.

I'm really OVER the copy and paste status updates and messages. Be original I say, even if it means hearing about your headache and how boring your day is...

And - I totally over use the .... it's my own pet peeve. Once it drives me crazy enough I just switch to this - I should take a grammar class.

However, Josh's laughing made me laugh.

mikeandmelissafisher said...

I'm sorry but Mike and I got such a kick out of this! Thanks Josh for being OUR laugh today.

OneGirl said...

Haha I laughed out loud to the video and your post. The part about statuses hinting at things is so true. That really bugs me...It's like they want t obe all secretive, so they lead you on and then don't tell whatever it is. And I'm with you on the LOL. I try not to use it nearly as much. I just use haha if I actually laugh :)

Heather said...

I'm laughing out loud at this one too! Especially hearing Josh laugh at that...so good to hear :) And love that you videoed it :) Once again, had to read it to my sister. We understood the CUB too :)