Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's Hodgepodge day around these parts once again.
I mean to do it every week, but sometimes I just forget that it's Wednesday.
I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, you know.

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1. July is National Ice Cream Month...your favorite flavor? Soft serve, hand dipped or frozen yogurt-which do you prefer? And technically yogurt is not ice cream but its hot outside so I'll let that slide for today.

How did I not know this until July 27th? I could have used it as an excuse to indulge in my favorite treat! My favorite kind of ice cream today is the soft serve from Chick-Fil-A. Some McDonalds' also carry the same kind, but it's hit or miss between the different stores.
You see, it has to be the icy kind. I know I can't do justice with words, but if you tasted the difference you would know it. I'm not sure if it's the mix, or the machine temperature, or what. But take my word for it, there is a difference in the soft serve at certain locales.
And it is important.

2. When you travel do you tend to pack too much or too little?

I would say that I'm fairly accurate with my packing.
I purposely overpack for the children, because you really just never know when one of your lovelies will surprise you with urine, vomit, or major food spillage. But overall I come home with mostly dirty clothes and just a few extras, so I guess I'm doing something right.

3. What's your favorite cleaning product?

Ooh, my favorite is that new scrubber that you leave in your bathtub that scrubs it all by itself and leaves it sparkling clean. 
Love that!

4. Which is the greater tragedy-an innocent person imprisoned or a guilty person set free? Explain.

I'm going to go with the innocent person imprisoned. While it does seem unfair that someone guilty is "getting away with it," ultimately we will all give an account to God of our actions and words. 

We watched a movie the other night about a young mom wrongly convicted of murder and put away in prison. Her husband would bring their son to visit and he wouldn't talk to his mom or kiss her anymore and it was just terrible. It haunted me.

5. What's the longest trip you've taken by car?

Idaho to North Carolina. 
It wasn't short.

6. tennis-golf-canoeing-biking...pick one. 
Tennis. But only on the Wii. 
Does that count?

7. What sound drives you crazy?

The Whine. 
It lurks about every day. 
It wont go away.
I can't stand The Whine.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
Well, as I was typing this my Backspace button fell off my keyboard. This is annoying. I must figure out how to fix it or never make a mustake typing againe. 
You can see that last one istn' workign out fo rme. 

Also, today on Facebook, one of my "friends" had this as her status update. 
"awesome...I just picked a scab. I haven't done that since Jr. High! I wasn't even paying attention."
Facebook has officially jumped the shark for me.  
Finally, in regards to the bathtub scrubber mentioned in #3, it doesn't really exist. I don't have a favorite cleaner so I just made up what would be my favorite if it existed. Sorry to disappoint.

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Monday

Today is Josh's last day of leave.
We've had a jolly good time just hanging out, swimming, and sleeping in*.

*That would be referring to me only.
My wonderful husband has been getting up with the kids every day.
Because sleeping in is my love language.
And he loves me.

Don't worry, he also has a love language that I've not been neglecting.
We'll leave it at that.

Josh has been nesting over the last week or so. Yes, it's true, men can nest too. Anything he can think of to do with the house or cars has been done. He's got a shopping list that makes it seem as if he's packing for camp. 
We're weeks away from the deployment, and you might think that the squadron would back off the long hours so everyone could have more time with family.
I used to think so too.
In truth, these weeks are important for the crews to ensure their skills are at the highest level possible before they leave. So once tomorrow arrives, we're back to the grind.

Of course, this is good news for anyone out there who prefers a blog update more than once a week.

Which reminds me, did you know that during the last deployment I once blogged 30 times in a single month? See what you have to look forward to?
Note: It may not have been quality blogging, but the quantity was sure there.
I get a little antsy for adult interaction, and the internet has to make do.

The kids just got back from another movie date with Daddy. This time, Winnie the Pooh. They loved it.
Alex remembered that she had been cold the last time, so after choosing a dress she accessorized to make sure her limbs would be comfortable.

Derek didn't really care. He just knew that Daddy had bought some Nerds.

He's a little different, that kid.

Here is Alex in her "Justice" aka "I'm not a little girl anymore" outfit. Don't let the vacuum throw you off. I wasn't cleaning; it's just for decoration.

Does anyone else think that the fairy on her shirt is going for a seductive look? Or am I just being paranoid?

Here's Derek's latest accomplishment--

He actually is more proud of the fact that he can climb out of the pool on his own.

Alex couldn't be bothered with pictures, as she is working on her swimming skills these days and is very serious about it.

The End.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hallooooo out there.
It's me.


Remember me?
I used to blog around here.

Lately life has gotten in the way a bit.

 Appointments, meetings, Anne of Windy Poplars, laundry, swimming, counting how many days weeks it's been since I last mopped my kitchen floor...
These things take time, you know.

I also help lead a women's Bible study. We have a great group of ladies and our Friday gatherings are something I look forward to each week.

Only I doubt their judgement a bit in having me help out with it.
This may shock you, but I am not known for my proper and appropriate behavior. 

Sometimes, in addition to lacking a filter on my blog, I also lack one in real life.

But in my defense, those muffins last week totally looked like female genitalia and someone had to speak up and mention the elephant in the room.


So we made it back from our excursion to Virginia.
It was as kid-centric of a getaway as could possibly exist. We went to the beach, to a farm, parks, Busch Gardens, and a children's museum. 

Our kiddos are big fans of the beach, though I notice that they spend a lot more time in the sand than the water.
This time they decided to make their own private pool by digging a big hole and carrying bucket after bucket to fill it.

I can't be certain, but I think Derek fell in.
And broke his fall with his face.

We stayed with our friend Nicole, and she gave us all sorts of tips on nearby things to do with children.
We went to this farm, which was great especially for Alex as we are wrapping up Charlotte's Web. We were able to point out a lot of things from the book while we walked around.
Like manure piles.

The kids got to feed a goat.

Did you hear what Josh promised them?
Well, then we saw this:

Busch Gardens was a big hit, with plenty of rides for the shorter folks in our group.

Except Derek wasn't a big fan of that one. Here he is with Nicole, wondering when it's going to be over.

These were more his speed.

And here's a picture of Alex in a bubble at the Children's Museum.

If only it were a sound-proof bubble.

Also. Today Alex wore an outfit that Pat the Bunny had sent her that was from Justice.
Do you know this store? It is a teeny-bopper store!
My baby should not be fitting in clothes from this locale.
She should be in Carters and Gymboree.

What's next?

Over my dead body.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The D word.

Last night, I co-hosted a squadron spouses' coffee with my friend Amy.
We had it at our community pool, which can be reserved for private events one night a week. Thankfully the weather was a little cooler and the humidity dropped, making it a perfect night to have an outdoor event.
Hostessing is soooooo not in my comfort-zone, so I was happy to check that off my calendar. Thankfully Amy is super organized and a great hostess, so she made up for me.

It pays to be friends with your opposites.

Amy also always has a clean house AND she wears pants when she's at home.
So you see, we are like yin and yang.

The spouses meet once each month to talk "business."
We do fundraisers for squadron events, we coordinate meals for new parents, deliver meals to the guys when they are night-flying, and any myriad of other things that come up. It's also a way to establish friendships with the ladies who all get left behind together during deployments.

And for now, the talk is all deployment, all the time.
It's the D word. I can't get away from it.
So my apologies if this blog takes the same slant.

Josh is on leave this week, and the D word has been intruding on our time together as well.
Ever the prepared one, he has a long checklist of things to go over with me before he leaves.
He is so thoughtful, trying to think of anything that I might want or need to know, while I would prefer to plug my ears and pretend he isn't leaving.

Some of it is easier to talk through than other things.

We discussed the what-if's regarding that dang house in Idaho that we can't get rid of. We talk about vehicle maintenance, where the circuit breaker is in the garage, replacing the A/C filters, etc.
That's the easy stuff.

The hard stuff is when he shows me where the life insurance paperwork is, and goes over our financial binder, just in case. Or when he casually mentions that he'll be going by the finance office to up his servicemember's life insurance policy.
This is when I politely interrupt with my, "You are planning on coming home, aren't you?"

Through his squadron, we have to complete emergency data forms. Honestly, they are good tools to have for every family, military or not. But when you know he's leaving for war and you have to complete some tough questions... well, let's just say that you do not want to fill this out if you're having an emotional day.

They want to know who you would like to have called in the event that your spouse dies, who they should call to take care of your children, whether or not you would like your spouse to have a military burial, and on and on.

Well this has gotten entirely too depressing.
Topic Change!

Did I mention that Josh is on leave right now? It's been a great few days of having him home. He has been doing a ton of the childcare. He's been giving baths, putting kids to bed and down for naps. He took Alex to her dentist appointment, and right now he is at the movies with the monsters.
They went to see Cars 2, and mama is enjoying some free time.

Oh, and I've been sleeping in every morning! He spoils me, and I love him.

We are planning a little jaunt up to Virgina, where we will hit the beach, hang out with our friend Nicole, and take the kids to Busch Gardens.
Cheers to their company for continuing their "Here's to the Heroes" special, which allows military families a free day in the park. We are happy to take advantage of it, again.
We went last year as well, only we left the kids at home!

Happy Weekend to You!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Now that it feels like we are really in the middle of summer, I am starting to see Back to School displays in stores.
What is this madness?
I wouldn't be surprised if there were Christmas decorations up next week.

Our days have had a very loose pattern of a visit to the gym, swimming, lots of get-togethers with friends, and some time spent doing school when we can make it happen.

We're in the third week of the curriculum now, and no one has been harmed in the process to date.

Except for the Pledge of Allegiance.
That thing is tortured every time it is repeated.
And Alex is quite insistent that school cannot begin without it.

The days are going by quickly. In the back of my mind there is a little countdown clock ticking down the time we have left before Josh deploys.
I almost wish he could just leave now, so we can stop thinking about it, and start the countdown to when he'll return home. I hate anticipation of unpleasant things.

He is doing his best to make it home from work as early as possible whenever he can, and it's been nice to be surprised by the garage door opening in time for dinner.

He did have to work this weekend, but sometimes these things can't be avoided.

In other news, after the forgetting-to-lift-the-lid incident the other day, we've been trying to remind Derek to go through all of the necessary steps to a successful potty trip each time he goes.
You know, turning the lights on, lifting appropriate lids, pulling down all necessary garments, etc.

Enter yesterday. He calls me from the bathroom whimpering about how he did everything right but his pee-pee still "spilled."

So now when he goes off to the potty, he has added a new item to his checklist.
He ran out of the living room today yelling "I'll make sure my penis isn't stuck to my balls this time!"

I love little boys.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

a few things.

Papa Johns is having a summer pizza special in which you can order a large, 1-topping pizza for $5 between the hours of 11-4. No limit.

Don't say I never helped you out.

My husband has to be at work tomorrow at 1:15am. So he took a sleeping pill at 5pm today and has been snoozing for the past several hours.
His schedule is never what I would categorize as normal.

It has been hot around these parts lately. I'm so grateful for our neighborhood pool. It's where all the cool people hang out.
At least, it is when I'm there.

Since I obviously have nothing to write about, let's get back to some of the Q's that I never A'd.

Lisa asked:
Have you considered putting ads on this blog? You could totally make $$ with how many people enjoy your site! It's super easy to get set up with affiliates and I think you would do great.

Awww, you're making me blush.

I do have ads on the page-- did you read the first line of this post? ;)

Every once in a while I have a daydream in which my blog becomes famous and I make enough money from it that I can hire someone to take over all of the food-related domestic duties at which I fail so miserably.

But then I come to my senses.
I think my family would miss their tasteless, repetitive meals.

To be honest, I don't think that my little 'ol blog really has any lucrative potential.
What with all the talk of urination and defecation. Broken up by an occasional vacation.

But even if it's monetarily worthless, blogging is a fun outlet for me. And since I'm not a scrapbooker, it also serves as a journal of sorts to keep track of all the moves, trips, and general nonsense of our family.
An added bonus-- I have new friends that I haven't technically met.

Is that creepy?

Gretta asked,
Have you ever considered writing a book?

Did you ladies get together and decide to boost my self esteem?
Is it the gray hairs? Have you noticed them and are feeling bad for me?

I have never considered writing a book.
I would be happy if I could write out a grocery list each week.

However, I am always looking for some big, non-cleaning-related project to do while Josh is deployed. Maybe this time I'll write a book.

Let's see. How to start...

Do you think googling "How to Write a Book" was ever the start of a best seller?

Yeah, probably not.

So I was planning on answering a few more questions but I got distracted by this one of Beth's:

Do you ever eat brownie or cookie dough? By the bowlful? While watching your favorite chick flick after the kids go to bed?(Please tell me I am not the only one!)

And now I have to go to the kitchen to see if I can procure any of the above. Because the answer is a decided, YES.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

da beach.

I've been a bad blogger.


This time I blame the trifecta of the holiday weekend, Anne of Avonlea, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

I don't actually have carpal-tunnel, but if I go on long bloggy breaks like this I'm pretty much guaranteed not to acquire it.

We made a last-minute decision to join some friends at a beach house for a couple of nights over the long weekend. This was the view from the back patio.

I'd say it was a good decision.

It's always a good thing to get some sand in between your toes, you know.

The beach just has a different feel to it; it's easy to relax.

Until you read about the shark attack that happened there a few days prior.
Then it's a good time to stay in the beach house.

There was a large bag of chocolate candy located in the beach house, and chocolate doesn't bite.

I bite it.

Once we returned back home, the rest of our weekend was spent with friends-- swimming and eating.

It was a great holiday with lots of family time for us. The only downer was that Josh brought home a huge deployment bag filled with all sorts of goodies.
I stopped watching him go through it after he pulled out the gun holster.

I have no doubts about his ability to drop bombs and wield the aircraft gun, but I am slightly concerned about all of his toes making it home safely if he's packin' the heat on the way to the latrine.

But we have a couple months left and I refuse to think about it.

And that Pat the Bunny is up to all her bunny tricks. She is attempting to talk me into spending the entire 6 months in Michigan floating around between our family.
Now, I know a lot of you say that PtB stories are your favorite and you want to know when she'll be my victim appearing in my blog again, but even you have to admit that living with family for 6 months might render one mentally unstable.