Thursday, July 7, 2011

a few things.

Papa Johns is having a summer pizza special in which you can order a large, 1-topping pizza for $5 between the hours of 11-4. No limit.

Don't say I never helped you out.

My husband has to be at work tomorrow at 1:15am. So he took a sleeping pill at 5pm today and has been snoozing for the past several hours.
His schedule is never what I would categorize as normal.

It has been hot around these parts lately. I'm so grateful for our neighborhood pool. It's where all the cool people hang out.
At least, it is when I'm there.

Since I obviously have nothing to write about, let's get back to some of the Q's that I never A'd.

Lisa asked:
Have you considered putting ads on this blog? You could totally make $$ with how many people enjoy your site! It's super easy to get set up with affiliates and I think you would do great.

Awww, you're making me blush.

I do have ads on the page-- did you read the first line of this post? ;)

Every once in a while I have a daydream in which my blog becomes famous and I make enough money from it that I can hire someone to take over all of the food-related domestic duties at which I fail so miserably.

But then I come to my senses.
I think my family would miss their tasteless, repetitive meals.

To be honest, I don't think that my little 'ol blog really has any lucrative potential.
What with all the talk of urination and defecation. Broken up by an occasional vacation.

But even if it's monetarily worthless, blogging is a fun outlet for me. And since I'm not a scrapbooker, it also serves as a journal of sorts to keep track of all the moves, trips, and general nonsense of our family.
An added bonus-- I have new friends that I haven't technically met.

Is that creepy?

Gretta asked,
Have you ever considered writing a book?

Did you ladies get together and decide to boost my self esteem?
Is it the gray hairs? Have you noticed them and are feeling bad for me?

I have never considered writing a book.
I would be happy if I could write out a grocery list each week.

However, I am always looking for some big, non-cleaning-related project to do while Josh is deployed. Maybe this time I'll write a book.

Let's see. How to start...

Do you think googling "How to Write a Book" was ever the start of a best seller?

Yeah, probably not.

So I was planning on answering a few more questions but I got distracted by this one of Beth's:

Do you ever eat brownie or cookie dough? By the bowlful? While watching your favorite chick flick after the kids go to bed?(Please tell me I am not the only one!)

And now I have to go to the kitchen to see if I can procure any of the above. Because the answer is a decided, YES.


Christina said...

I have considered writing a book, and I can't even get a grocery list written up. You are wise.
Your spontaneous family trip sounds so fun! Beautiful pics!

Joyce said...

Well kudos to your husband! That sleep schedule sounds miserable and I for one am thankful there are people who are willing to serve our country!

The Henry Crew! said...

I have a half written book, and a half written grocery list... hmmm... wonder if I have completion issues?