Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Monday

Today is Josh's last day of leave.
We've had a jolly good time just hanging out, swimming, and sleeping in*.

*That would be referring to me only.
My wonderful husband has been getting up with the kids every day.
Because sleeping in is my love language.
And he loves me.

Don't worry, he also has a love language that I've not been neglecting.
We'll leave it at that.

Josh has been nesting over the last week or so. Yes, it's true, men can nest too. Anything he can think of to do with the house or cars has been done. He's got a shopping list that makes it seem as if he's packing for camp. 
We're weeks away from the deployment, and you might think that the squadron would back off the long hours so everyone could have more time with family.
I used to think so too.
In truth, these weeks are important for the crews to ensure their skills are at the highest level possible before they leave. So once tomorrow arrives, we're back to the grind.

Of course, this is good news for anyone out there who prefers a blog update more than once a week.

Which reminds me, did you know that during the last deployment I once blogged 30 times in a single month? See what you have to look forward to?
Note: It may not have been quality blogging, but the quantity was sure there.
I get a little antsy for adult interaction, and the internet has to make do.

The kids just got back from another movie date with Daddy. This time, Winnie the Pooh. They loved it.
Alex remembered that she had been cold the last time, so after choosing a dress she accessorized to make sure her limbs would be comfortable.

Derek didn't really care. He just knew that Daddy had bought some Nerds.

He's a little different, that kid.

Here is Alex in her "Justice" aka "I'm not a little girl anymore" outfit. Don't let the vacuum throw you off. I wasn't cleaning; it's just for decoration.

Does anyone else think that the fairy on her shirt is going for a seductive look? Or am I just being paranoid?

Here's Derek's latest accomplishment--

He actually is more proud of the fact that he can climb out of the pool on his own.

Alex couldn't be bothered with pictures, as she is working on her swimming skills these days and is very serious about it.

The End.


Erin said...

That's a bummer that it's all starting for you. Is he going to be home by Christmas or are you flying solo for the holidays? And how's that denim jumper coming along?

Sandy said...

now is just as good a time as any...thank your sweet husband for EVERYTHING that he does for us AND thank you and your family for sharing him with us!!!

Godspeed Josh...

Taylor said...

Yes. Seductive fairy. She is grown up. Nothing more you can do.

Malinda said...

Thinking about you as you guys prepare for Josh's deployment. How long will he be gone? I know he must love that he gets a little taste of home by reading your blog and seeing the kids when you post.

Malinda said...

Whoops... I am on my mom's account... this is Maranda - http://curlycuesfamily.blogspot.com

I'm Erin. said...

No Erin, he wont be home for the holidays. He'll be gone for 6 months plus travel time.


Meesh said...


I saw this and immediately thought of you :)


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I have to say that the skirt is adorable (as is Alex) but yeah, the fairy is a bit alluring.

I am not a Justice fan but my daughter loooooooves it!

Joyce said...

You are entering the tricky age for girls and clothes. Well girls are always tricky but finding clothes that are for girls and not 'women of questionable character' is not easy.

Best wishes for your hubs safety and your peace of mind!