Monday, July 11, 2011


Now that it feels like we are really in the middle of summer, I am starting to see Back to School displays in stores.
What is this madness?
I wouldn't be surprised if there were Christmas decorations up next week.

Our days have had a very loose pattern of a visit to the gym, swimming, lots of get-togethers with friends, and some time spent doing school when we can make it happen.

We're in the third week of the curriculum now, and no one has been harmed in the process to date.

Except for the Pledge of Allegiance.
That thing is tortured every time it is repeated.
And Alex is quite insistent that school cannot begin without it.

The days are going by quickly. In the back of my mind there is a little countdown clock ticking down the time we have left before Josh deploys.
I almost wish he could just leave now, so we can stop thinking about it, and start the countdown to when he'll return home. I hate anticipation of unpleasant things.

He is doing his best to make it home from work as early as possible whenever he can, and it's been nice to be surprised by the garage door opening in time for dinner.

He did have to work this weekend, but sometimes these things can't be avoided.

In other news, after the forgetting-to-lift-the-lid incident the other day, we've been trying to remind Derek to go through all of the necessary steps to a successful potty trip each time he goes.
You know, turning the lights on, lifting appropriate lids, pulling down all necessary garments, etc.

Enter yesterday. He calls me from the bathroom whimpering about how he did everything right but his pee-pee still "spilled."

So now when he goes off to the potty, he has added a new item to his checklist.
He ran out of the living room today yelling "I'll make sure my penis isn't stuck to my balls this time!"

I love little boys.


Sandy said...

"I'll make sure my penis isn't stuck to my balls this time!"

if i had a penny for every time i heard that...i'd be one cent richer =o)

Erin said...

I watched Surprise Homecoming tonight. It was worse than stepping on the scale the day I get home from the hospital after having a new bandaid.

Suz said...

Au contraire- Hobby Lobby in Wichita Falls has the start to their Christmas section up already. We went for a visit to Matt's parents last weekend (so he could check out IFF at Sheppard, yes, orders got changed!) and I spotted it those garlands and red and green balls.

Speaking of balls, that is so funny! At least he is good about following a checklist.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just WOW. What an awesome job that Josh has!

(and yep, being a mommy AND teacher is AWESOME, too....)

Anna from NC

Taylor said...

Its a good lesson and one that I'll add to my boys' instructions on proper potty usage.

Maranda said...

Did the potty instructions include or omit "dingy dingy" this time?

D&S said...

Hilarious! (Although I must say, my eldest was reading over my shoulder and said "Can she say PENIS and BALLS on the Internet without getting in trouble? You should REPORT HER, Mom!") Ever the conscientious one, he is! Loved that story, though!

Mindy said...

You should really warn a girl! Read at your own risk. My pee pee almost spilled! ;)