Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Blog Post is Brought to you by Credit Card Fraud.

It's true. Someone out there was attempting to use our credit card and they're not allowed to because they're not us. So we had to cancel our cards and are waiting for new ones to arrive. In the meantime, Netflix couldn't process the automatic payment we have set up and so I can't watch any shows. Hence, I'm blogging.

Here is a picture of me.

I took it after I got my hairs cut. I like to take pictures of my new haircuts for multiple reasons:
1) The nice lady makes it look better than I can.
2) That way, when 6 months go by before I get my hairs cut again, I can show the nice lady what I want or don't want.
3) I guess those are all the reasons I have.

But I do have a reason for including it on this post. You see, I'm not very photogenic and I prefer to take pictures instead of being in them. But I'm afraid that if I let too much time go by in between posting a picture of myself, one day you will all be shocked at how much I have aged. So I'd rather make my aging seem more gradual.

This is a lot of typing just to talk about one selfie, is it not?

Moving on.

The kids had character day at school and had to dress up like a character from a book. I just love coming up with costume ideas. (That was typed sarcastically.)

Thanks to a borrowed bonnet, Alex pulled off Caddie Woodlawn fairly easily.

Derek pulled out his inner Spaniard and played a role from Ferdinand the Bull. Muy guapo, no?

Life is breezing by quickly, and is about to start going even faster as we approach moving season...

And now, for the main event.

The Schore family is on the move again. A recap of our shenanigans over the last 14 years of military life:

Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls TX 2001-2006
Seymour Johnson AFB, Goldsboro NC  2006-2007
Mountain Home AFB, Mountain Home ID  2007-2010
Seymour Johnson AFB part deux, Goldsboro NC  2010-2012
Presidio of Monterey, Monterey CA  2012
Madrid, Spain  2013-2014
Maxwell AFB, Montgomery AL  2014-2015

And next...in hemispheres yet unexplored...in the land of fermented cabbage and Cooch purses....drumroll please....

We're going to Korea!

Well, allow me to clarify. Josh is being sent to Korea for a 1-year unaccompanied tour.

 But since we like each other, and Korea is a place we can legally go along, the kids and I are going to join him.

And just when I thought I knew all there was to know about military moves, here comes a new scenario.

The biggest differences in moving to Korea "command sponsored" vs "non command sponsored" (like us) are that:

-- the Air Force doesn't pay for our trip over
-- we are not allowed to live on base
-- we are the lowest priority for receiving routine medical service and other support services.
-- they'll only ship 10% of our household goods weight.
-- Josh has to receive permission to live off base with us.
-- I have to...gulp...homeschool the kids.

Now that I've typed that out, I think I need to go find a paper bag to breathe into.
Let's talk more later.