Saturday, November 29, 2014

two months

That's how long it's been since my last post, give or take a day or two.

I feel bad for neglecting my sad little blog. The truth is I haven't been writing here, because I've been working on a writing a book. Can you believe it?

Well you shouldn't because it's an absolute lie. How many of you believed that for a hot second?
I haven't been writing here because I'm lazy.
Not busy.

Glad we've cleared that up.

Let's jump right in, shall we?
The kids had a whole week off of school for Thanksgiving Break, a fact that I hadn't really realized in advance as I rarely consult a calendar. But I am never one to complain about a series of days in which no alarm is required.

We stayed here in Alabama for the holiday, and plan to do the same for Christmas. Josh is a busy bee-- always reading and writing, and he has thesis-writing scheduled for Christmas break. I've never been more glad to not be him than I am this year.

We had Thanksgiving dinner just the four of us, and have just about polished off all the leftovers. My turkey was a delicious golden-brown color. I have to brag about some aspect of it because it wasn't until after our meal, when Josh was carving up the rest to put away that we realized I'd neglected to remove the bag of giblets.


I'm really good in the kitchen. I guess it was a step up from last year, when I served a bucket of KFC.

We bought a TV on Black Friday because the only one we had boasted a 19 inch screen. It seemed like maybe it was time.

Since my last post, Derek has moved from soccer to basketball season, and Alex started tumbling. They still spend loads of time outside playing with the neighborhood riff-raff.
I guess they are the neighborhood riff-raff. Today was warm enough for shorts and tee-shirts if you can believe it. I am totally on board with a southern winter, now that the mosquitos are finally gone.

They stayed until mid-November, which I find to be ridiculous. I'm not sure which governing body I can complain to about that.

My weeks still look about the same.

Monday-- Weekend Recovery (This means extra coffee time in the morning to enjoy the quiet, and thinking about what I want to accomplish during the week. There is usually about an hour of productive house cleaning that happens on Monday, which is about 55 minutes more than occurs any other day of the week)

Tuesday-- Grocery Shopping (The commissary is two minutes away and the whole chore takes about an hour, but I like to declare that Tuesday is for Grocery Shopping and refuse to entertain the idea of adding another task to the day)

Wednesday-- This is my busiest day. I have Bible Study first thing in the morning, grab lunch with friends, go directly to Spanish class, and leave from there for school pickup. I know. I can't believe it either.

Thursday-- Wednesday Recovery (Goal-- never leave the house)

Friday-- Rock Band and cocktails at 1:30. My friend Ali from the 'hood and I have a standing date to play, well, Rock Band on the wii. It's totally normal for a couple of middle-age women to sing and play fake instruments on a video game system while their children are in school, right?

So now you're all caught up on my glamorous life. Boom.