Monday, November 9, 2015

Hallo Out There

It's autumn in Korea, and the weather has been great. The humidity is long gone, the mosquitos finally made their exit, and the leaves have turned beautiful colors.

October was a really long month for Josh with a big project for work, but things have settled back down to life as normal. Whatever "normal" might be for a family that rarely stays put long enough to see the same season twice in any location.

Today, while I was working as the recess monitor (this was just after I finished up being the cafeteria lady), the kids and I went out for a walk around our apartment complex. We are fortunate to have some hiking trails situated just behind us, and I brought a camera along to try to get some pictures with the fall colors before the leaves are all on the ground.

Those two goofballs sure are getting old, aren't they?

We headed up the "mountain" on the trail.

They are really hoping that it will snow a lot this winter, and are keeping their eyes open for good sledding spots.

Huge leaves! And oh my, does Derek need a haircut, or what? Josh has relieved me permanently from hair-cutting duty. He thinks Derek's old enough to be scarred by mom playing barber.

Want to know what you can find at the top of hiking trails in Korea?

What the kids fondly refer to as "old people exercise equipment".
No wonder Koreans are all so slender-- they made their old folks hike uphill only to be forced to work out when they get to the top.

This picture perfectly captures my son:

He fancies himself a comedian. He often does make us laugh, although he still thinks that if a joke is funny the first time, then it will be funny the next three times as well.
He is silly, and sweet, and snuggly, and I'll keep him.
Although I'm unsure of why he's flashing gang signs. Maybe it's K-Pop influence.

There are several monuments scattered around. If anyone wants to translate that for me, go right ahead.

Made it back down and stopped at one of the parks in the 'hood.

And then we had to head home so I could clock back in as the schoolmarm.

We finished the first quarter of school, and no one has been harmed irreparably. The kids each have a friend or two, so while the social calendar is not bursting at the seams, they aren't terribly lonely either. Derek is wrapping up soccer season, and we've got the kids registered for basketball and cheerleading that will start up after the holidays.

Derek on his way to score an actual, real-life goal.

Oh, I almost forgot-- we bought a new-to-us car! Now when Josh is at work we have wheels as well. I'll have to take a picture of our new ride-- she's pretty spiffy. I mean, not Corolla-sport level spiffy, but for a car that cost $600 to purchase and $3 a month to insure, you have to keep your expectations reasonable. And by expectations, we mean: 1) That she lasts until July  2) Um. I guess I covered everything with point 1.

Anyway, Josh drives El Relámpago Gris (That's Gray Lightening for those needing a translation), and the kids and I ride in luxury in the "nice" car.
You know, the one Josh and I bought right after we got married. In 2001. She's never given us a day of trouble, and she's moved from Texas to North Carolina to Idaho back to North Carolina to California to Spain to Alabama and to Korea. She's a well-traveled friend.

If you had told me, back when we were 2nd Lieutenants making the most frugal car choice we could think of, that we would be 3 weeks from Josh pinning on Lieutenant Colonel, and not only would we still be driving the sporty Carolla, but that it would be the nicest vehicle we owned, I might not have believed you.

Life, you are funny.

But joking aside, we will be accepting recommendations for what our next family car purchase should be upon our (presumable) return to These United States of America. Maybe we should upgrade to a Camry? ;)