Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hide yo pigs, hide yo wife

I intended to post yesterday to fill you all in on what Alex ended up wearing to her school's Nursery Rhyme Parade.

I know you were all clicking back over here all day long just dying to hear about it.


But I wasn't able to post.
Because I was deeply disturbed in my soul.

You see, I witnessed something terrible yesterday while driving in my swagger wagon.
I think I need to share it with you, just to get it off my chest.

The kids and I were on our way to Papa John's (the pizza place, not a relative's house) when we pulled up at a stoplight next to a huge truck filled with huge pigs.

Or were they hogs?
I know not the difference.

My children took much delight in this occasion. I had my little camera with me in the car and thought I would snap a picture to show you all this exciting happening in our little town.

As I was snapping the picture, one of the pighogs reared up in the air.

"Oooh Mommy, look at that big one!"

Then I realized that there was another pig kind of underneath and in front of him. That pighog was backed into the farthest corner of the truck, with no place to go.

Before I could stop myself, I exclaimed:

"Those pigs are having intercourse! And I just took a picture!"

But it certainly did not appear like consensual intercourse. I know of no pighogette (?sow?) who would submit to lovemaking on a moving vehicle while surrounded by other milling pighogs and pighoggettes.

Disturbing, I tell you.

Also disturbing: My children asking me what intercourse is.

Me: It means they're hugging.

Aaaaaaaaand that's my story. Thank you for letting me get it off my chest.


Now I will make you wait no longer for the Top Story:

5 Year Old Wows Audience at Nursery Rhyme Parade

Or something like that.

Alex persisted in desiring to be some type of feminine nursery rhyme character, and I conceded defeat and went rummaging through our closets.

We pulled together a "Mary had a Little Lamb" using a bonnet-like hat, peasant-y skirt, a sheep vest, and a staff (aka large candy cane). She held a little lamb in her other hand.

I thought it was good enough.
Turns out I wasn't as creative as I thought, because as she walked past me, she was following a girl in a similar outfit, and another was behind her.

And they were all wearing signs that said "Little Bo Peep."

She participated, and I didn't have to buy or sew anything.
My kind of event.

I did snap a couple of pictures of my favorite little paraders.

This child obviously has a parent with too much time on their hands creativity :

And I think said parent is right behind him (?her?) helping the cow to not knock over the moon.

And this little first grader couldn't have been any cuter. They were dressed as "community helpers."
He was in a perfectly tailored suit, carrying his Bible.

A little preacher.

And to sum up the parade: That's 10 minutes of my life I'm never getting back.

Sort of.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My hat's off to Pat the Bunny

Last year at this time, I was packing up myself and the kids for an extended stay in Michigan.
Josh was deploying with his squadron for several months over the holidays, and I'd been forced to decide if being home alone would be more or less painful than staying with my family.

Hi Family!
Just kidding about that.

I obviously chose to go "home," and so began weeks of visiting with family and enjoying the holidays with them.

It also opened up a whole new world of blog fodder for me, as staying with my mother in law, aka Pat the Bunny, is a bit like life in a sitcom.

A strange, strange sitcom.

When I arrived to Michigan, I developed a cold and really bad sore throat. It was then that I shared with you the ways in which PtB is akin to a drug pusher.

And then emptied her cabinets of a pile of expired medication that would make any hoarder proud.

You should go ahead and peruse those links, it will make the rest of the story more fun.
I'll just wait right here for you.

Okay, you're back?

A friend reminded me of those posts the other day when I blogged about using the old medicine for Derek this weekend.
But to put your minds at ease, the meds I used for Derek were not expired.
So I have no guilt bringing up that old story again.

Then I got to thinking that I need to go visit Michigan again, because my blog could use some new stories of the Bunny.
And voila!
Like a rabbit with mind reading skills, I opened my e-mail today to find this little gem from none other that Pat the Bunny herself:

Now, a picture of PtB at work (she's an elementary school teacher) wearing a Snow White tiara is mildly amusing, but it's not the best she can do.

I know.
I've been in the family for almost a decade.

The accompanying message, however, added some laughable details.
And I quote:

"It was hat's off to Drugs day at school today. Please show my Alex her wierd grandmother. "

A few things to ponder:

1) When you say, "my hat's off to you," is that not bestowing some type of honor on whomever you are taking your hat off to?

2) Why are they taking their hats off to drugs?

3) Do they know PtB's history of drug pushing?

4) My daughter's Snow White tiara is not a hat.

5) It would appear that they are actually putting hats* on

*term, apparently, used loosely

And for that lovely e-mail today, I say:

Pat the Bunny, my hat's off to you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

If you want to destroy my sweater

Derek's a little wheezer these days.

He got sick this weekend.
It was just a little cold.
But on top of his seasonal allergies flaring up, it got the better of him.

Illness seems to hit him harder than other kids.
I hate watching my baby struggle to catch his breath.

Luckily I had some medicine left over from when he was hospitalized in spring of '09.

And in a moment of clarity, I remembered that I was a registered nurse BK,* so I was able to get him through the weekend without having to spend hours in the emergency room.

*Before Kids

I got him an appointment today in pediatrics.
He was a' wheezin'.

And so he's on nebulizer treatments.
And steriods.
And Singulair
And Zyrtec.

It's rough being a walking allergy sometimes.

But he's still pretty darn cute.

And apparently more than a little proud of his letter knowledge.

On a totally separate note, I have to share this conversation between Josh and Alex tonight.

Josh: Alex, you look like your daddy, you know.

Alex: No. I look like my Mommy!

Josh: What parts of you look like mommy?

Alex: We both have longer hair. And we have earrings. And my legs have a little bit of hair on them, and so do mommy's!

Can't a girl catch a break? It's practically winter already, even if the forecast calls for a high of 87 degrees on Wednesday.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Fun Facts

I've started about 3 different blog posts tonight, but can't seem to come up with any coherent thoughts. And since it is Friday, and I am incoherent, and I feel like blogging, I will enthrall you with:

Friday Fun Facts

1) Not all of my Friday facts are fun. But I enjoy onomatopoeia.

2) Ha! Made you think I had a literary impairment! I know it is alliteration that I was referring to.

3) See, I told you my facts are not all fun.

4) Tonight at dinner, my son sneezed his food all over the table.

5) Then Alex spilled her full glass of milk on said table.

6) A plethora of pasta particles floated in a pool of milk.

7) Josh called a few hours ago to tell me that he has returned to the States. And sometime in the next 4 hours or so, he'll return to the state that we live in. And hopefully our house.

8) It would hurt my feelings if he went to someone else's house.

9) I like that guy. He spoils me.

10) He's been trying to get me to hire a house cleaner to come every couple of weeks to do the deep cleaning-- like bathtubs and mopping floors.
Isn't that sweet?

11) But I can't bring myself to do it. I don't like anyone to see my dirt.

12) Also, I cannot wear sleeveless shirts to bed because I have a weird hangup about my armpit touching my pillow.

13) Alex and I played "beauty parlor" and I am currently sporting hair and makeup done by a five year old.

14) She actually does about a good a job as I do. It's not saying much.

15) I think if I kept track of the actual amount of time I let pass in between changing the sheets on my bed, I would be disgusted with myself.

16) The same goes for mopping my kitchen floor.

17) Sometimes when I remember that I used to wear combat boots to work, it feels like a lifetime ago.

18) Now I don't even wear a bra to work.

19) Sometimes that makes it awkward when the doorbell rings.

20) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand goodnight.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Nonsense

Usually when Josh is out of hemisphere, I blog more often.

Apparently not this week.

Dang library.
They just dangle those books out in front of me, all free and what not, and I can't resist. I've pretty much been indulging my love of a couch and a good book every evening from 6:59 until I force myself to go to bed.

Yes, my kids go to bed that early. With a full day of school, Alex really needs 12 hours at night. Derek doesn't nap most days, so the extra sleep is good for him as well.
And I'm certainly not complaining about the quiet evening time I get.

Speaking of sleep, it would appear that I've started a trend. When Josh is away, Alex feels entitled to share my bed at least once.
And I'll need to break it to her that once is all it will ever be.

That kid is a kicker!
It honestly felt like she was trying to push me out of bed with those cold little feet last night.

And then she wanted to have a discussion at 5:40am about how I wasn't snuggling her enough.

I told her that if she got her frigid talons clipped, I might be more inclined to snuggle.
Then she wanted to know what a talon was, and it was all I could do to keep myself from sending her back to her room.

But then I remembered that the real reason I allowed for the sleepover was because I had stripped her bed and then failed to follow through with making it back up again.

Note: Her bed is still in the same condition. But the bags under my eyes are motivation to correct that soon.

Today is Thursday.

(Captain Obvious, at your service.)

That means that I have to pick Alex up from school because if I wait for the bus, she'll be late to dance class.
Now that I'm only responsible for picking her up one day a week, I wonder what the heck I was thinking by not using the bus earlier.
The convenience cannot be overstated.
All I have to do is open the front door and listen for the squealing breaks to let me know she's home.
(Incidentally, the breaks sound a lot like my minivan's.)
I don't even have to be wearing a bra!

Not that I spend my afternoons bra-less and wearing elastic waistbands.
That would be so un-classy, and we all know that I am a sophisticated, high-class woman.


I promised Derek that we would play outside while Alex was at class, because people, it is like 80 degrees out.
And it's quite lovely.
And dance class is around the corner from a Sonic that has an outdoor playground.

'Nuff said.

And now, without further adieu, I will be making my daughter's bed up after I wash and dry the sheets and then I will proceed with the after-school pickup once I locate my bra and pants.

Happy Thursday!

Classy in NC

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh happy day.

Guess what came today??

My bedroom is finally furnished!

And even better-- I like the furniture! :)

I was so excited at the prospect of having actual drawers to put my clothes in that I didn't care that the delivery "window" I was given was from 7am-noon.

I think that's more like a door than a window, but whatever.

We had mucho trouble getting this furniture ordered and sent to us, and I have to tell you that I was a little worried that I might not even like it when it arrived.
I mean, it's been over 3 months since I'd last seen it, and what if my memory was playing tricks on me and it wasn't all I thought it to be?

I feared for my life if that was the case, because I think Josh would have killed me.

I think he would have killed me.

I wanted to wait and post pictures after I got things hung on the walls, maybe put some curtains up, had actual pictures in the frames, you know.
But I'm not very patient, so I'll just show it to you as-is.

Here's my new bedroom...

Doesn't the bed look inviting?
Makes me want to take a leisurely bath, light a few candles, and cozy up in my fresh bed with...

My book.

What did you think I was going to say?

Well you'd have been right.
I want to cozy up with my man.

However, he is currently out of town. state. country. continent. hemisphere.
And that poses a slight problem with cuddles.

But he wont be gone too long, and I will keep the bed warm for him.
Just me and my book.


News of the embarrassing: I took a Zumba class at the gym this evening.

For you who don't know, this is a class in which you exercise by means of dancing.
Aaaaaaaaaand I can't dance.

But it was kinda fun anyway.
And I'm realizing that the older I get, the less I care about what other people think of me.

I mean, after going through childbirth, every shred of dignity I ever had has been stripped away anyway.

But I'm still glad there wasn't a camera there tonight.

And now I will leave you with this Alex-ism from tonight:

Me: Alex, it's time for bed. Please go potty, get jammies on, and brush your teeth.

Alex: (hands on hips, pout on lips) Why do I have to do all the work around here?

Kids these days.
Does she expect me to pee for her, too?

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I was thinking that I had this Halloween all taken care of in the costume-department.

And now I know better.

Alex wants to wear her Ariel costume (Yes, the fishy smelling one. It's getting better with time) for trick-or-treating.
Derek doesn't really care, so I planned to just use an old lion costume we have for him.

All set.
Now all that was left to do was to start Halloween boot camp here at the house.

We train with long walks and calisthenics. I can't have them getting tired after just a quarter of a mile, right?
Then I skill them in the art of candy recognition.
Bypass the Laffy Taffy, go for the Snickers.

I have 2 weeks left to teach them all of my favorite treats.

Just when things were going along swimmingly, I received a note home from Alex's school. The kindergartners are having a nursery rhyme parade, and need a costume.


If I haven't mentioned it before, my general level of craftiness falls into the slim to none category.

I'm trying to sell Alex on a few "easier" costumes to put together, but she's being rather particular.

Me: Alex, wouldn't you like to be a star? You could be twinkle twinkle little star, and I can make you into a big cardboard star.

Alex: Can I be the cow that jumps over the moon?

Me: How about the three little kittens? I'll find you some cat ears and a tail, and you can carry two other stuffed kittens and a few mittens. Purrfect!

Alex: No.


So then while at church this morning, an announcement was made about their costume event that's coming up, "Hallelujah Night."

Aaaaaaand they want the kids to come as Bible characters.

You people are killing me here.
How many costumes is this October going to require of me?

First I tried to think of any mentioning of mermaids in the Bible. When that fell flat, I moved onto what I thought the easiest costumes to put together would be.

And so I've decided that I will pick up a pair of fishnet stockings and pull out some of Alex's smaller clothes.
She can be Rahab.

For Derek, I'm thinking white sheet with the letters H-O-L-Y written across it.

Nothing says "Hallelujah" like a prostitute and walking blasphemy, eh?

And now I should probably say that I'm just kidding.
Because I am.
Really, I am.

I'm sure we'll come up with something...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


He melts my heart.

He is a lover.

He says he is a big boy, and then whispers to me
"But I'm still mama's baby"

because he knows it makes me happy.

I take him to his "class" one morning a week. It's just a mother's day out program that's right across the street from our house.
He's there right now, playing trucks with his friends.

When we started there, I thought that it would give me a chance to run errands and grocery shop alone.

But it turns out he's such good company, I don't really need to do those things alone. He likes to ride in the cart while I shop.
He pats my hands and talks about everything he sees.

But he loves his class, so I let him go.

For some reason, I never thought I would be a mom to a little boy.
But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I know that I wont always be the most important woman in his life.
But right now I am.
And I'm loving every minute of it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No, it's snot.

Last Friday, Alex came home from school wearing her "spare outfit" that I'd sent in, as requested, the first day of school.

I was surprised, since it's been a good long time since she's had any kind of potty accident.

I tried to be sensitive when asking her what had happened; I didn't want to cause her any added embarrassment.

Me: Alex, I see that you're wearing different clothes. Did something happen at school?

A: Yes.

Me: Do you want to tell me what happened?

A: Maybe later.

Me: Do you know that I love you so much, no matter what?

A: Yep.

Me: Okay, you can tell me when you're ready.

A: Okay, I'm ready.
There's a boy in my class name David. He sneezes a lot and has lots of boogers. I was the line leader, and he was standing really close behind me.
Then he sneezed and got his snot all over my shirt.
So I changed clothes.

Me: Excuse me while I vomit.

That was not what I was expecting.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I done got tagged.

I have been tagged by my internet friend, Taylor. Also known as The Lumberjack's Wife.

Her husband is an electrician.

She would totally be my "in real life" friend if we lived anywhere close to each other.

Maybe I'll call her up one day and just pretend like we're phone friends.

But what if her voice is such that it ruins any friend potential? What if she sounds like a man? Or worse, Kerri Strug?

It's a quandary. I'll think on it.

Then again, I dislike talking on the phone anyway, so maybe I should just leave well enough alone.

Let's get back to the tag...She has posted 8 questions that I must answer, and then I'm to tag 8 other people with new questions that I come up with. Punishable by death for non-participation.

Here we go:

1. What is one food you detest?

This is a tough one. I'm not sure that there are any foods that I "detest." I boast equal-opportunity taste buds.
Depending on my hunger level, I can be tempted by pretty much anything.

But I shall choose....

Fig Newtons.

I don't like them. They're gross.

But Josh likes them, so this works out well for me. I can safely keep a snack in the house that he enjoys, but does not test my willpower. The same cannot be said about basically any other sweet thing in our pantry.

2. What is your perfect day?

I awaken around 9:39am. Late enough to feel rested and early enough to avoid the guilty feelings.

I drink coffee in my pajamas out on the back deck. The children, who have gotten themselves breakfasted and dressed, join me there to play together, without any fighting.

They take turns reading aloud from some educational book. They are far enough away that they don't disturb me as I read People magazine.

Soon I hear the door open, as my personal chef lets herself into the house. She begins to prepare lunch and dinner.

After lunch, I decide that I should go shopping. I take the children with me, and they stand quietly by my side while I shop as long as I like. They never ask for any snacks, never have to go to the bathroom, don't run through the stores, and definitely don't touch any breakables.
Because of this, I buy them lots of treats.

They rave that I am the best mommy in the world.

We come home. Dinner smells delicious.
And wouldn't you know? Daddy is home for dinner!

We eat together, each of us sharing the details of our day with the others. Derek accidentally touches his sister's foot under the table.

She smiles sweetly at him, realizing that it will not cause permanent injury.

After dinner, we play a game together as a family.
I win. Nobody cries.

The children declare that they are plumb worn out. After bathing themselves, we snuggle up for story time.

They both agreed on the same book, of course.

We tuck them into bed. It is 6:45pm.

We have three hours to ourselves. Details are not permitted, but you can insure that the letters "v" and "t" will be involved.

Are you thinking unpure thoughts?

I'm obviously talking about the television.

The End.

3. If you could take a vacation next week, where would you go?

Maybe Hawaii. I've never been there.

Or the Mediterranean. I've never been there either.

Or maybe somewhere in the mountains, since the leaves are changing colors now.


4. What are five of your favorite blogs?

The Pioneer Woman. Of course.
She is the blogger supreme in my book.

ohsoposhphotography.com is a photo blog that is just amazing. Love her pictures! I double dog dare you to look at this post and not perish from cuteness overload.

boomama.net. She's a southern gal who delights in college football, bacon, and minutia. I'm on board with all three.

The Lumberjack's Wife. Did you think I would forget you Taylor? Au contraire!

For my fifth favorite blog, I will cheat and include a "group entry." This includes all my in real life friends that I check in on daily. Even though some of you NEED TO UPDATE MORE OFTEN. I think you know who you are.

5. What are your thoughts on The Facebook?

Ah, The Facebook.

I appreciate it's merits. We move so often and leave so many friends behind that it's truly impossible to keep up with each one via e-mail or telephone. So it's great to be kept up to date on their lives, and to see pictures of their families.

But I just wish that people would limit their updates to things that other people might actually care about.
I still can't come to terms with the people who post that they have nothing to post about. It drives me batty.

6. Are your parents technological goobers, like mine?

In a word, yes.

My mother once tried to comment on my blog.
She never was able to figure it out.

7. If you had to choose between losing 15 pounds forever, but never wearing makeup again OR having perfect skin but putting on 15 pounds permanently . . . what would it be?

Oh my.
A few years ago this would have been an easy choice-- I'd be saying goodbye to those 15 pounds in a hurry. But now, well, my face is needing the makeup.

But I think I'd still go with the 15 pounds. And then try to find a loophole in which I get some sort of tattooed makeup, or have a friend who comes by my house each morning to spray some sort of liquid foundation into the air that I just conveniently run through, face first.

Or I could move to a society of nocturnal people, and only come out after sunset.

8. What is your best recipe? (so I can steal it! ha!)

Mix pancake batter from box. Begin to cook as directed. Become distracted. Flip pancakes, they will be burned.


When both sides are burned, remove from skillet and cry a little.

Peel back both burnt sides from the pancakes, and be left with a pile of pancake innards. Roll the innards into balls.

Convince your children that "pancake balls" are a real food.

Take a moment to appreciate that your husband is never home by dinner time.

Tell yourself you will do better next time.

It will be a lie.

Steal away, Taylor. Steal away.

And now, I shall tag...









Your 8 questions are:

1) What has been the most surprising aspect of motherhood in your experience? If you're not a mom, what is it like to go to the bathroom in privacy?

2) How often do you shave your legs in the winter?

3) What's your favorite thing to do online? If shopping, what site?

4) If you already possessed the necessary education and experience level, what would you choose for your dream job?

5) Share a "last-minute" dinner recipe. No pancake balls, please.

6) Do you speed or drive the speed limit?

7) If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?

8) What kind of new vacuum should I buy?

ps-- It's not really punishable by death. No pressure if you'd rather not participate.

Am I nice or what?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things that are bothering me.

It's a fairly short list at the moment.

1) Blogger's new photo uploader is not working for me. So I have to use the old editor, which wont let me make my pictures bigger.
And I like big pictures.

2) I thought about changing my blog to a dot com, but someone already has isitbedtimeyet.com
And do you know what? They don't even use it! Only some intro post written a couple of years ago.
But I'm going to cut them some slack, because it appears that they have triplets.
If I had triplets, I too would not blog.
I can't even blog when I have the munchies.

3) I suppose I could throw the question mark on at the end and use isitbedtimeyet?.com
Or I could change the name of my blog to something that doesn't indicate that I'm over-eager to get rid of my children every night.
But the current name is accurate, and I'm all about keepin' it real.

4) I can't remember if there was anything else that was bothering me.

5) I guess that means that I have a pretty good life.

6) Here are some (small) pictures of my children enjoying the beautiful fall weather. You can always click on them to make them bigger, in case you want to see the food stuck in their teeth.

Oooh, I thought of some other things.

New list #1) The water pressure in my shower. It's virtually nonexistant.

2) My son is growing up, and I do not approve.

3) Remember when I told Alex specifically not to show anyone the inside of her Sparks vest? Because I'm a terrible patch sewer?

Well, read what's happening at Awanas next week. That would be the 13th for those of you, like myself, who never know the date.

Oh the irony.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's 10pm

and I should be going to bed.
Because my five year old has to drag me out of bed every morning, warning me that she's going to be late for the bus and asking would I please get her some juice.

And somehow that doesn't make me feel like a very good parent.

I'm lacking motivation to get up off of the couch right now, even though I'm well aware that it is the only way to actually get into bed.

Standing in my way is the need to make the kid a lunch and write a note to send to her teacher, requesting that Alex be sent home on the bus.

Because the after school pick-up situation is That Bad.
And the bus goes past our house about 8 minutes after we get back in the door.
I love her and all, but that 8 extra minutes? Totally not worth it.
And then I won't have to wake up Derek on the bi-monthly occasion that he actually falls asleep at naptime.

Good news on the Derek front!
His penis has lost it's novelty and is no longer a musttouchatalltimes body part.
However I still need to keep my eyes open for when he's tired and bored in public.

Did I share with you what happened at Mickey's Philharmagic, which happens to be the best show in all of Magic Kingdom?
Well, we were waiting to enter the theater and I happened to glance down and see that Derek had pulled his little friend right out of his pants in front of a huge crowd.

Naturally I backed away, and disgustedly asked Josh, "Sir, is that your son? Because I think you need to control him."

Okay, not really.

But the other part is true.


Earlier this evening I was forced to sew a patch onto Alex's Sparks vest for Awanas.
It was humbling.
Mother, why did you forsake my training in this area?

I told Alex to make sure she doesn't let anyone see the inside of her vest. I've told her to consider it to be a private part.

Also, both my main vacuum as well as my hand held vac have combined forces to stage a revolt against me this week.
Neither of them will do more than push crumbs around on my floor.
I'm sure I need to clean the filters, but I think I'm fighting a losing battle.

So I'm going to get a new vacuum.
And it shall be nice.
And lovely.
And it shall suck.

Because my current one blows.

Lastly, goodnight.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Princess 101

Let's talk princesses people.

For if there was a princess to be met while we were at Disney, Alexandra K. Schore met her.

We came. We met. We conquered.

Here we have Tiana and Naveen, Disney's newest royalty:

Jasmine and Aladdin:

Aurora/Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose.
You know you're hot stuff when you have three names.

Alex's favorite-- Snow White.
We tried so hard to see her on the day Alex wore her Snow White dress, but we weren't able to.

Ariel and Eric:
Belle pointing herself out on Alex's shirt:

And, technically fitting into the "fairy" category, are Tinkerbelle and Rosetta.

Phew. That's a lot of princesses.
And doesn't even begin to cover the "furry friends" category.
We'll hit that soon.

Alex had colored pictures for the princesses, and was excited to give them away. She also had questions prepared for each of them, but got a little shy when it came time to ask them.

So she made Daddy do it.

I loved watching my tough fighter pilot asking Snow White who her favorite dwarf is, and asking Jasmine about her wedding to Aladdin.

Then again, we're talking about the same guy who took his Buzz Lightyear gaming very seriously:

See that little forehead peeking over in the other seat?
That's my son.

Speaking of Jasmine (weren't we?)...is it inappropriate to say that my daughter was motorboatin' here?

If so, then let's pretend I didn't say it.

And where is Derek in all of these photos, you may ask?

Cowering in fear.
In his world, there is nothing more intimidating than a dressed up lady or a huge head with non-moving eyes.

On second thought, I think I'm with you son.

Here he is avoiding eye contact with Goofy:

And the Army Man from Toy Story:

And Minnie Mouse, who he knows is approaching on the parade float.

Look, we got him in a picture looking....distressed... with Aladdin.

We did manage to get him to willingly stand next to Lightning McQueen and 'Mater, seeing as how they are just cars.

But then 'Mater revved his engine and Derek was outta there.

My apologies for Disney overload. I've been trying to break it into manageable chunks, but we still have some ground to cover.

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 13 weeks and 4 days (but who's counting, right?) of living in a bedroom without furniture, our bedroom set is in!
And should be delivered within 2 weeks!

Amen and hallelujah.
I was getting a little tired of having my clothes scattered in piles all across the bedroom floor.
In my excitement, I consolidated the piles and cleared the space necessary to allow the furniture to be brought in.

Later, when Alex went into the bedroom, she came out and asked if I got new carpet.

I think it was getting a little ugly in there.

But I'm super excited that we'll finally be able to get completely settled, and I'll be sure to take pictures when our illusive furniture arrives.