Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Nonsense

Usually when Josh is out of hemisphere, I blog more often.

Apparently not this week.

Dang library.
They just dangle those books out in front of me, all free and what not, and I can't resist. I've pretty much been indulging my love of a couch and a good book every evening from 6:59 until I force myself to go to bed.

Yes, my kids go to bed that early. With a full day of school, Alex really needs 12 hours at night. Derek doesn't nap most days, so the extra sleep is good for him as well.
And I'm certainly not complaining about the quiet evening time I get.

Speaking of sleep, it would appear that I've started a trend. When Josh is away, Alex feels entitled to share my bed at least once.
And I'll need to break it to her that once is all it will ever be.

That kid is a kicker!
It honestly felt like she was trying to push me out of bed with those cold little feet last night.

And then she wanted to have a discussion at 5:40am about how I wasn't snuggling her enough.

I told her that if she got her frigid talons clipped, I might be more inclined to snuggle.
Then she wanted to know what a talon was, and it was all I could do to keep myself from sending her back to her room.

But then I remembered that the real reason I allowed for the sleepover was because I had stripped her bed and then failed to follow through with making it back up again.

Note: Her bed is still in the same condition. But the bags under my eyes are motivation to correct that soon.

Today is Thursday.

(Captain Obvious, at your service.)

That means that I have to pick Alex up from school because if I wait for the bus, she'll be late to dance class.
Now that I'm only responsible for picking her up one day a week, I wonder what the heck I was thinking by not using the bus earlier.
The convenience cannot be overstated.
All I have to do is open the front door and listen for the squealing breaks to let me know she's home.
(Incidentally, the breaks sound a lot like my minivan's.)
I don't even have to be wearing a bra!

Not that I spend my afternoons bra-less and wearing elastic waistbands.
That would be so un-classy, and we all know that I am a sophisticated, high-class woman.


I promised Derek that we would play outside while Alex was at class, because people, it is like 80 degrees out.
And it's quite lovely.
And dance class is around the corner from a Sonic that has an outdoor playground.

'Nuff said.

And now, without further adieu, I will be making my daughter's bed up after I wash and dry the sheets and then I will proceed with the after-school pickup once I locate my bra and pants.

Happy Thursday!

Classy in NC


trooppetrie said...

oh this is too funny. going bra less and stretchy pants. i am glad she is liking the bus

Taylor said...

Hey! I'm wearing stretchy pants today, too!

But, *ahem*, I always wear a bra.

What kind of slovenly housewife do you take me for?

Taylor Maliblahblah: 1
Erin Schore: 0

Taylor said...

Hey! I'm wearing stretchy pants today, too!

But, *ahem*, I always wear a bra.

What kind of slovenly housewife do you take me for?

Taylor Maliblahblah: 1
Erin Schore: 0

Erin said...

Well, at least you are wearing something and not walking around munching on sugar cookie dough.

I'm Erin. said...

touche, erin

Rachel said...

I tried to FORCE, yes FORCE my child to sleep with me the other night. I begged, I pleaded, I tried every trick in the book. Nothing worked. He cried. He actually sobbed to go back to his bed. Consider yourself lucky. I wish he'd sleep with me just ONE night while Daddy is away. Nope. Sweet as pie and gentle when he's awake. Wants his own stinking bed all the time though.

Christina said...

We live really close to Christian's school, and I often take him with no bra...and some soft pants (not quite sweats, fleece or something). (Wait. Christian never wears a bra. I'm talking about myself there, just to clarify) I just put a sweatshirt on over what I slept in. This is a problem at the beginning of the school year. It's still in the 80's here. Now, it's not so weird looking. :) Nice, huh?

Anonymous said...

Oh how i would love to have a Sonic on the corner. They don't do drive-ins here. Or libraries, in English!

Missy Jill said...

Anonymous was me!