Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things that are bothering me.

It's a fairly short list at the moment.

1) Blogger's new photo uploader is not working for me. So I have to use the old editor, which wont let me make my pictures bigger.
And I like big pictures.

2) I thought about changing my blog to a dot com, but someone already has isitbedtimeyet.com
And do you know what? They don't even use it! Only some intro post written a couple of years ago.
But I'm going to cut them some slack, because it appears that they have triplets.
If I had triplets, I too would not blog.
I can't even blog when I have the munchies.

3) I suppose I could throw the question mark on at the end and use isitbedtimeyet?.com
Or I could change the name of my blog to something that doesn't indicate that I'm over-eager to get rid of my children every night.
But the current name is accurate, and I'm all about keepin' it real.

4) I can't remember if there was anything else that was bothering me.

5) I guess that means that I have a pretty good life.

6) Here are some (small) pictures of my children enjoying the beautiful fall weather. You can always click on them to make them bigger, in case you want to see the food stuck in their teeth.

Oooh, I thought of some other things.

New list #1) The water pressure in my shower. It's virtually nonexistant.

2) My son is growing up, and I do not approve.

3) Remember when I told Alex specifically not to show anyone the inside of her Sparks vest? Because I'm a terrible patch sewer?

Well, read what's happening at Awanas next week. That would be the 13th for those of you, like myself, who never know the date.

Oh the irony.


Taylor said...

hmmmm . . .how's about:

(like Just Jack! name that show)

Peace out!

Joyce said...

I was going to post a 'things that are bothering me' post today but then we had the mouse incident so I went with that instead. It definitely bothered me but it needed its own post.

I'm saving my list for another day.

The inside out thing does throw a monkey wrench into your strategy.

Jen McD said...

Funny funny! I will always fear the inside out day!

Erin said...

I use Windows Live Writer to write my posts and then it directly loads them to blogger. They have some cool features such as cropping or putting picture inline or to the right or etc. I'm not sure what blogger has these days since I haven't used it for a couple of years.

And, I'm ironing out kinks before I make my little Etsy shop known to people I know. You know, just in case anyone blogs or updates FB on what a dork I am ;)

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Your kids are so cute! Alex looks like her little face has gotten more mature since she started kindergarten. My kids are too. Boo hoo.
I feel for ya with the inside out thing next week. So ironic!

Grandma said...

I know how to fix the problem of Derek becoming so grown up. So do you. HeHeHe

Christina said...

"If I had triplets, I too would not blog.
I can't even blog when I have the munchies." Truly great lines. I laughed out loud.
And the bit about the Awanas? Just too darn funny.

Missy Jill said...

You are funny, i love your writing voice. The same thing happened to me when I wanted my blog name. Hadn't been used for YEARS and the owner's name was Melissa (my name). I went with the same .com name with hyphens. I love your blog name, you've got to keep it.