Sunday, October 17, 2010


I was thinking that I had this Halloween all taken care of in the costume-department.

And now I know better.

Alex wants to wear her Ariel costume (Yes, the fishy smelling one. It's getting better with time) for trick-or-treating.
Derek doesn't really care, so I planned to just use an old lion costume we have for him.

All set.
Now all that was left to do was to start Halloween boot camp here at the house.

We train with long walks and calisthenics. I can't have them getting tired after just a quarter of a mile, right?
Then I skill them in the art of candy recognition.
Bypass the Laffy Taffy, go for the Snickers.

I have 2 weeks left to teach them all of my favorite treats.

Just when things were going along swimmingly, I received a note home from Alex's school. The kindergartners are having a nursery rhyme parade, and need a costume.


If I haven't mentioned it before, my general level of craftiness falls into the slim to none category.

I'm trying to sell Alex on a few "easier" costumes to put together, but she's being rather particular.

Me: Alex, wouldn't you like to be a star? You could be twinkle twinkle little star, and I can make you into a big cardboard star.

Alex: Can I be the cow that jumps over the moon?

Me: How about the three little kittens? I'll find you some cat ears and a tail, and you can carry two other stuffed kittens and a few mittens. Purrfect!

Alex: No.


So then while at church this morning, an announcement was made about their costume event that's coming up, "Hallelujah Night."

Aaaaaaand they want the kids to come as Bible characters.

You people are killing me here.
How many costumes is this October going to require of me?

First I tried to think of any mentioning of mermaids in the Bible. When that fell flat, I moved onto what I thought the easiest costumes to put together would be.

And so I've decided that I will pick up a pair of fishnet stockings and pull out some of Alex's smaller clothes.
She can be Rahab.

For Derek, I'm thinking white sheet with the letters H-O-L-Y written across it.

Nothing says "Hallelujah" like a prostitute and walking blasphemy, eh?

And now I should probably say that I'm just kidding.
Because I am.
Really, I am.

I'm sure we'll come up with something...


Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

You could let Alex be a sheep and then the costume could double as nursery rhyme AND Bible character. It's a twofer!

melicity said...

LOLOLOL!!!!! The "Holy Ghost" costume has me cracking up! you should totally do that one! :)

Christina said...

So, so funny. I think you would win points for "clever" for sure.
It's kind of crazy that they are having themed costumed stuff, that you have to come up with something different for each one! The things that have been done around here are kind of like,"Wear your costume to school" or something...what you were going to use anyway. You may have to get it early for that, but could use it twice (or more...say for a birthday party that is a costume party in the month of Oct. That happened to us one year.).

Taylor said...

Holy Ghost! ha!

I like the sheep idea.

Just have her be a shepherd/mary from mary had a little lamb.

I HATE costumes.

Taylor Taylor Bo Baylor said...

Shoot! I promised myself I was going to do one of your classic snippy comments.

You know. Like this.

hi erin

What is up with that?

Erin said...

Nice - time to whip out your sewing machine - Miss Crafty.

Heather and Scott said...

I would be keeping the kids home from school that day...THAT's how lazy I am! And we are all about reusing costumes and using what we already have. K is going to be Dora this year (pink shirt, orange shorts, backpack). L will be Minnie Mouse (ears from Disney and polka dots dress). Done. No nursery characters or biblical characters for us. Good luck.

Missy Jill said...

I'd be in the same boat, I totally agree! We are going to be out of town and I'm hoping I can plea lack of resources to get them to agree to being a hobo or a cowboy or whatever we can scrounge up at Grandma's house.