Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Big Three-Oh

I haven't been all that excited about my thirtieth birthday. I mean, I know that thirty is the new twenty and all (right? anyone?), but I think I would have preferred to stick with the actual twenties. But after I received the thirty balloons from my college friends Nicole & Dana, I couldn't pretend it wasn't happening anymore. Thanks gals for the maize 'n blue visual display of exactly how old I am. Just what I needed ;)

> Of course, it didn't take long before balloon warfare broke out in the house, and it kept the monsters thoroughly entertained.

Unfortunately, the past few days our youngest monster has been sick. I'm starting to think we should have named him Ralph, if you catch my drift. He hasn't kept much down for the past two days, and he already looks thinner to me. Doesn't he know how hard we work for those ounces and pounds?! But how can I be upset with this little face.

And look at how he puts up so patiently with his crazy big sister.

Love that crazy girl too! :)

Old lady, signing off.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Derek had a follow up visit with his gastroenterologist last week, and he seems to be doing well :)He gained a little over a pound since his last visit, and has grown taller too! While he is still getting most of his calories from the formula, we have been encouraged recently as he is choosing to eat more real food. And oh my, if he isn't the most adorable thing these days. I wish I could just hit a pause button and enjoy this time in his life for longer. The time between 18months- 24 months is my very favorite, and I'm loving every minute of it.
I know I've been slacking on posting recently. I just kept hoping that the knowledge of how to use my editing software would creep into my brain all on it's own. But now I realize that it's going to take me quite a while to really figure it out and I should just go ahead a post pictures as they are.
There is a train parked on some unused tracks nearby, and we took the kids to see the "choo-choo" up close.

We had a taste of spring, which then left us overnight. It is freezing out today and really windy too. Hopefully spring will come back soon-- we can't wait!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Good Day

Today was a good day. (Did anyone else start singing an old Ice Cube song when they read that? No? Oh, me neither then.)

Can you guess what made it a good day? I'll give you a hint-- in preparation for this day, I shaved my legs. And not just the bottom part that someone might see if my pant leg came up when I sat down.

Did you guess??

Yup, Josh is back! After a long 5 weeks we are together again and couldn't be happier about it. As a matter of fact, as I type he is giving the kids a bath. And he took them outside this afternoon. And I took a nap today while he got up with them after their naptime. Ahhhh, life is good.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Incredible, Edible Leg

Don't these legs look yummy enough to eat?? These are Alex's favorite tights, and mine too. Even though I was a bit of a tomboy when I was younger, I do love having a little girl. The accessories are fun ;)

When I'm getting ready in my bathroom, she always asks me to make her "special with something." I put some perfume on her once and told her it made her special. Since she didn't remember what it was called, the next day she came in and said "I want to be special with something." The phrase stuck and to this day if she wants perfume she asks that way. She also likes me to use my flat-iron on her hair, paint her toenails, file her fingernails, and just about any other girly thing you can think of.

Sassy, isn't she?

And would you just look at the sweetness here? Derek cannot get enough of loving on his sissy. Alex, on the other hand tires of it rather quickly. I remember when I took this picture she was saying to me, "Mommy can you tell Derry I don't want any more lovin' right now?"

I told her if she'd cuddle up for one more picture, I'd pass on the message.

Daddy Countdown: 2 days to go!!!! It's been a looooooooooong 5 weeks!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Sorry

I apologize in advance to those of you who are not Daddy or immediate relatives, because this clip might be painful. Alex agreed to do a concert of her favorite song "Puff the Magic Dragon" for the camera, and what she lacks in natural ability she makes up for in volume. If you want to back out after 15 seconds that's understandable, you'll get the idea fairly quickly.

ps (she still can't pronouce f's...according to Alex, his name is Pupp the Magic Dragon)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Many Faces of Derek

I snapped these pictures the other day, and I was trying to decide which one to post. I couldn't pick. It's amazing how many different "looks" he has-- all over the course of about a minute.

Man, is that ever a kissable face :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Growin' Up

Derek wanted to use Play-doh at the table like his sister. It was too cute watching him play in a big chair as if he were not a tiny baby (which of course, he is!). Not sure what he was making...then again, he didn't know either as he could barely see over the edge.

Just the peepers

A little more
There he is!

Speaking of growing up, there's nothing like seeing your 3-year-old in heels to make you worry about the future.

Maybe if she keeps picking her nose, the boys will stay away.