Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Incredible, Edible Leg

Don't these legs look yummy enough to eat?? These are Alex's favorite tights, and mine too. Even though I was a bit of a tomboy when I was younger, I do love having a little girl. The accessories are fun ;)

When I'm getting ready in my bathroom, she always asks me to make her "special with something." I put some perfume on her once and told her it made her special. Since she didn't remember what it was called, the next day she came in and said "I want to be special with something." The phrase stuck and to this day if she wants perfume she asks that way. She also likes me to use my flat-iron on her hair, paint her toenails, file her fingernails, and just about any other girly thing you can think of.

Sassy, isn't she?

And would you just look at the sweetness here? Derek cannot get enough of loving on his sissy. Alex, on the other hand tires of it rather quickly. I remember when I took this picture she was saying to me, "Mommy can you tell Derry I don't want any more lovin' right now?"

I told her if she'd cuddle up for one more picture, I'd pass on the message.

Daddy Countdown: 2 days to go!!!! It's been a looooooooooong 5 weeks!


Jen McD said...

they are too cute, and I so need a girl to make her special!

Countdown on!

Nicole said...

Erin I'm thinking you should get an adult pair of those tights and then you two go out shopping for some mother-daughter time. It'd be priceless!!

Rachel said...

I love the tights! I think Collin should get some...although, I'm thinking the horizontal stripes might not be too slimming on his thighs. What do you think?