Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Big Three-Oh

I haven't been all that excited about my thirtieth birthday. I mean, I know that thirty is the new twenty and all (right? anyone?), but I think I would have preferred to stick with the actual twenties. But after I received the thirty balloons from my college friends Nicole & Dana, I couldn't pretend it wasn't happening anymore. Thanks gals for the maize 'n blue visual display of exactly how old I am. Just what I needed ;)

> Of course, it didn't take long before balloon warfare broke out in the house, and it kept the monsters thoroughly entertained.

Unfortunately, the past few days our youngest monster has been sick. I'm starting to think we should have named him Ralph, if you catch my drift. He hasn't kept much down for the past two days, and he already looks thinner to me. Doesn't he know how hard we work for those ounces and pounds?! But how can I be upset with this little face.

And look at how he puts up so patiently with his crazy big sister.

Love that crazy girl too! :)

Old lady, signing off.


mikeandmelissafisher said...

Okay, believe it or not, I really did think of you on your birthday...I just forgot to email you :)

Happy Birthday! My gosh, you are so much older than my 24-year-old self. How do you manage? He he.

That picture of Derek in the brown shirt looks SO much like Josh!

Jen McD said...

Happy 30th Birthday!! I can't wait to make you 30 cupcake balls and watch you eat them all!!

ps - you can bring Ralph over when he's done ;-)

Nicole said...

Haaaaaappppy Birthdaaaay! Sorry Derek's been sick....hopefully the balloons were more fun than annoyance ;-)

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday! Since you are Collin's B-Day buddy, you can always share his years in an inverse way. Subtract his years from yours. So, since he turned 2, you turned 28. Next year, you'll be 27. Sound like a fair deal?

Heather and Scott said...

Happy Birthday Friend! :) Personally, I think 30 is great!!! AND I think that boy of yours is looking more and more like Josh! Love ALL of you!

Annie Pennington said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I can't get over how adorable your two little kiddo's are!! Hope you had an amazing birthday!