Saturday, October 31, 2009

Drug Dealers and Dentists

Today was a busy first day at Grandma's house.

For me, it started at 5am when I realized that my sniffles of yesterday had turned into more of a "it feels like I'm swallowing razor blades" kind of thing. Yuck. Josh's mom has some spare Tylenol #3's that she keeps trying to get me to take. She claims that because she's not charging me for them it doesn't officially make her a drug dealer. Just an enabler.

Things haven't changed much since the first time I visited here about 9 years ago when Josh and I were dating. I had a bit of a cold, and his mom was offering me all sorts of expired asthma medication. Maybe I should have seen the warning signs and gotten out before I actually became a member of this family. Grandma, if you're reading this, please don't kill me in my sleep tonight. Thanks.

But the kids slept well and were happy to wake up and reunite with familiar fun toys, and the fact that Grandma will quite literally do whatever they ask of her. Really. Anything.

"Hey Grandma, can we play with these knives?"

"Well, I hate to say no, but I'm not sure that's very safe. You just wait right here and I'll whittle down these sharp edges so that you can have your hearts' desire."

Later this morning we watched my nephew play hockey at a nearby rink. So stinkin' cute to see 8 year olds out there playing like little men. (Connor's in the white & red)

After naptime we headed to my sister's house to go trick or treating all together. Meet Winnie the Pooh, Bumblebee, Aurora, and Snow White.

It's so fun to be able to have the cousins together doing things that "normal" families do when they're not obligated to move somewhere different and distant every 3 years.

The kids had a great time trick or treating, and Derek was the cutest little 2 year old in town.

I'm glad that guy gave him the treat and not the trick, because unless I'm mistaken, that's a lighter he's holding in his other hand. Take that popcorn ball and run, Pooh!

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the Sweetest of them all?

Well, it's probably not Alex, but she's cute anyway.

And now the kids are in bed, and this mama says the day was a success:


I sense more drillin' & fillin' in my mouth's future.


Jen McD said...

That's a score, thanks kids! I hope you feel better soon. Just take the drugs. Do it. Do it. You know everybody does.

I'll come stay with Grandma!

Heather and Scott said...

How I remember last year...eating ALL of L's candy together :) I don't even know if she missed it!

And, I'm still teary from your last post. And someone's blog that I haven't gotten to read yet is playing the Dixie Chicks song "Lullabye", so that's making me cry more. (Yes, I had to find the blog that's playing the song b/c I didn't know the name of it...now you must go listen to it, it will make you cry too!!)