Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So the weeks have turned to days and the days into hours.

One of the worst parts of deployments for me is the anticipation. I can put it out of my mind until about a week before he goes. Then all I can think about is how I'll miss snuggling up to him at night, miss sharing the funny stories of what the kids said or did during the day, miss watching him laugh out loud at the TV, miss watching football together...and on and on.

But mostly I feel sad for what he will miss while he's gone. As much as they drive me up the wall, if you told me that I had to say goodbye to my children for months I would have a total breakdown.

If you said I had to say goodbye for a couple of hours, I'd have a celebration.

Oooh, speaking of which, tomorrow I'll be leaving them behind while I get an hour long massage. Can't wait! Just have to schedule some time first to shave my legs. Josh was rubbing my leg the other day and asked where I got my knee socks. Only I wasn't wearing any. Funny Josh.

This little girl has her last day of preschool tomorrow. Gulp.

I have her workbook from school and her teacher outlined for me the pages that the other kids will be doing while we're away. That's a relief, because you know if she falls behind in her letters now she wont ever get into Harvard and then her life is just over. Never underestimate the power of the alphabet.

On a totally off-subject* note, the kids have new hats for the winter. Got them on sale on Etsy and I love them!

* "on-subject" being related to deployments, massages, preschool, and hairy legs. Totally cohesive topics, right?

Well I'm getting some dirty looks from my husband, who thinks I should be cuddling him and not my laptop, so I'd better run. In a matter of hours I'll have more than enough laptop, and not enough husband!


mikeandmelissafisher said...

Yuck, deployments suck. I'll be praying for you both. Where on Etsy did you get the hats?

Jen McD said...

I can't stand the cuteness of your kids. Etsy should have given those hats to your children for their modeling.

I'm sorry Josh is leaving. The days before are the worst. Stay safe and tell him to call or email us when he can!

Heather and Scott said...

Give him lots of love! We love your sweet family!

Happy Mommy said...

Are you sure it's the alphabet that'll keep her out of "stool?"

I saw those hats on Etsy too. I was looking for cute patterns that I could do for the kids. Now, I might just have to eye one of yours to see if I can do it free-hand.