Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Rubdown

So I would qualify my massage today as An. Experience.

I love a good massage, or really just any massage. If they weren't so much work and prone to flinging poop, I would get a monkey and train it to give me massages every day.

But today's real, non-monkey, massage ran a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Let me start by saying that the masseuse was a young woman, who happened to be quite petite. I may have even made a preconceived judgement that it might be a light rubdown today because her hands seemed kind of small.

Turns out I was wrong. And if her hands weren't strong, those elbows sure were.
There was about 5 minutes that I spent gritting my teeth because she was trying to work out a knot in my lower back. A knot that I believe to actually be part of my iliac crest, also known as a bone.

Apparently I signed on for a more therapeutic massage than relaxation massage per se. After some getting used to though, it started to feel pretty good. Again my indecisive nature took over, and I couldn't decide if I didn't want the hour to end or if the hour was never going to end.

Overall it was a nice treat, and a good incentive to shave my legs.

So now I'm nice and relaxed before our big day tomorrow...at the end of which I will probably need another massage.

Pray for me people, I'm flying with my children again.


Jen McD said...

Too funny. Praying for you and those kids during your travels. Have a great trip!

Tell Josh I bought a turkey fryer today!!!

Sunk Costs said...

Dear Lord, let that plane travel at warp speed, amen.