Friday, October 30, 2009

We Survived.

Just barely, but we're here in Michigan now.


1) I managed to avoid the full-on ugly cry at the airport this morning. There were some tears, but not the kind where snot runs into your mouth and your eyes stay red for an hour.
Thank you crowd of people for keeping me from indulging in my sadness.
Josh was able to get a gate pass and come through the airport with us. Glad to have him just a little longer, but also dragging out the goodbyes. I almost lost it when I came back from the bathroom to find him crawling on all fours giving Derek one last horsey ride.
Ahem, I may or may not have just teared up typing that.

2) We were on our first plane for almost 5 hours and the kids did really well. I gave Derek a dose of Benadryl for obvious reasons and waited for the napping to commence. It did not. He pushed right through that tiredness and did not sleep one minute of our trip.

3) Our connection in Chicago was not very long. We made a pit stop, I changed Derek's diaper, we shoveled some food in. We arrived at our gate just in time for boarding and then the little man decided it was a good time to have a nice poop. Nothing better than changing poopy pants on an airplane.

4) The boy had a meltdown on the last flight begging for milk which we had none of. Three lollipops later we finally landed.

5) The kids are now asleep. I'm right behind them.

I still hate flying with my children.

Miss you already Joshie.


Jen McD said...

You made it - what a hard day!

Annie Pennington said...

I totally cried, like made ugly noises cry when I read about Josh giving Derek one last horsey ride. MY GOSH that just broke my heart. I'm so glad you all arrived safely in Michigan and will be around family while Josh is away. Thinking of you!!

Heather and Scott said...

Make ME all teary reading this! Goodness girl... I love you!