Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have an intense and driving need to blog right now.

The kind of need I feel when the DVR is taping 2 shows @ the same time and there's nothing recorded that I want to watch.

You know, that kind of nothing else to do so why not blog need.

As advertised, here are some pics from the pumpkin patch field trip on Tuesday.

Remember? That field trip that takes away a morning of preschool, requires parents to transport their children, and is TWENTY FIVE miles down the highway.

Is that really the closest pumpkin patch? If so, next fall I'm making my own patch in my backyard. I'll spread the word to all the preschool parents and I've no doubt they will demand to remain local for the field trip. Think of all the money I'll make...

Maybe even enough to cover the insane amount of dental work I supposedly need. But that's a story for another time. And believe me, I'll be bringing it up again shortly.

Back to the pictures...

Here is where Alex spent 90% of her "field trip." That's Josh making another trip to the van to remind her that if she so desired to get out of the van, all she needed to do was to apologize for her poor behavior that morning, and put on a happy face.
The apology wasn't the problem.
She felt it an impossibility to allow a smile to crack her sour face.

Just as everyone else was packing up to drive home, she finally conceded to being happy.

Now hurry up and pick your pumpkin so we can turn back around and drive a half an hour home. Wonderful family time.

Here she is doing her best to not smile at the camera, despite the best efforts of her cool, funny, and hip mom. Obviously her brother thinks so.

Derek found this little squash and determined that it was destined to be his to hold and love.

And later leave to rot in the car. Where it remains at this very moment.

And lastly, I had to include these 2 shots I took at the park today. I'm on a textured-background kick right now if you weren't aware.

And this, I think, might be one of my favorite pictures ever of Alex. Not sure what it is about that sweet expression, but I just love it.

And wish it had come along to join us at the pumpkin patch.
Regardless, she's still my little punkin.


Jen McD said...

Wasn't it beautiful out there? I love that pumpkin patch. I love all of them in Idaho. Wish we were there.

The pictures are great. Derek is a little man, how did he get so big?

Jen McD said...

Did you submit your textured shots to PW?