Thursday, October 22, 2009

Other People's Kids

Because I fear that I may overwhelm you with the sheer number of pictures of the Schore spawn on this blog, today I am spicing it up with pictures of someone else's kids.

These sweet little guys belong to my opposite-friend Nikki.

What is an opposite-friend, you ask?

Well, Nikki is the complete opposite of me: she's self-motivating, her house is always clean, she's very social, she wears non-elastic waistband pants while at home, and I've never popped over to her house and caught her without a bra on.

She cannot say the same thing about me.

Anyway, as I've taken an interest in photography recently, she's been willing to lend me her cuties as extra target practice. Frankly my children are getting just a little sick of me demanding that they look at the camera and smile. Photographic proof of that coming soon.

Meet Baby Caleb: In addition to sporting some beautiful blue eyes, his newest accomplishment is sleeping all night long. His momma's a big fan of that.

Big brother Jack also has the same blue peepers, and is one of Derek's best buds.

Fall colors make nice backdrops :)

No one can escape from my overuse of textured backgrounds. *evil cackle*

And my favorite:

Go ahead, click on it and make it bigger. Take in the pretty colors and sweet baby.
Thanks boys!
Tell your mom to relax a little and leave some dirty dishes in the sink once in a while.
It would make me feel better.


Jen McD said...

I can't not believe how much they've grown! They are super cute boys and Idaho looks beautiful.

Great job Erin - not much more practice till I say you were pro!

Heather and Scott said...

ADORABLE last photo...well, ALL the photos! Love them! :)

Langford Family said...

Oh Erin, you give me way too much credit! but thanks anyway. We are really going to miss you guys these next couple of months. The pics are fantastic and some of them will be framed and on my wall when you get back. Safe travels, Friend.