Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Plan B

First, an update-

1) My dad is out of the hospital now, though he's still being watched closely to ensure that his labwork continues to show improvement. So that's good news :)

2) The crud is starting a painfully slow escape from our house, just in time for the long weekend to be over.


3) all of my previously laid out plans for the next few months have been flushed down the toilet.

The kids and I are no longer striking out on our own, just us and a minivan against the world. We have been heckled to death by well meaning family members who cannot stomach the thought of us driving through the mountains in the winter.

Like angry chickens they have pecked and pecked until yesterday when I finally conceded defeat and agreed that we will fly out to Michigan, and our visit to Texas is not to be.

You win chickens. You win.

Thanks for caring, though I'm fairly certain that I would not have gone careening over the side of a mountain. And if I have a terrible flying experience, you may never hear the end of it.

Coming soon to a blog near you are pictures of this girl's field trip to the pumpkin patch.

During which she spent most of the time in our van because she has an attitude problem so large that it should be reserved for teenagers.

We're in trouble.

And lastly, in photo editing news: I've been having fun learning more about photoshop, but it turns out that my problem with indecision is causing some trouble. I don't know what I like. And quite frankly, I'm afraid that I'm over the top on a lot of my choices.

Take for example, "Derek in front of stone wall"

I just wanted to sharpen it up a little, maybe add some warmth. But I just kept playing around with it and ended up with this:

I can't decide if I like it. I think I over-edited it, and it doesn't feel any warmer to me. So now I'll go back and play with it more, and then I'll save it again. When I'm done, I'll have 5 different versions of the same picture and have no idea which one to print off.

So I wont print any. Then I'll turn off my computer and cry a little. Then I'll decide that I'm not going to be so indecisive anymore.

But then I'll have to decide when I'm going to start being the new me, and it all begins again.

It ain't easy being me.


Jen McD said...

It wasn't meant to be. This maybe your opportunity to see Mr. New York again. Could you IMAGINE?!?! As painful as the day of flying could be, just imagine DAYS upon DAYS of car travel.

The weather is unpredictable and Wyoming is NO JOKE. Good decision.

Good to hear you and the family are on the mend. Keith started using LightRoom for editing - off the Lynda.com site. He has the dvd's if you them (for photoshop and lightroom) Also, he checked around for Windows and he said he doesn't have it. He thought he gave it back to Josh, but if it turns up we'll send it your way! Sorry.

Heather and Scott said...

I think that's what my problem is with photography -- no picture would ever be "perfect" enough for me. Am considering buying a photoshop program though...

As you know I am VERY sad that you won't be here...but VERY understanding as well! And the plane ride will be MUCH shorter than the car ride.

NF - C&T said...

That's why I just stick w/ cropping (occassionally) and removing any imprefections from my face only (everyone else on the picture gets to look like themselves) :-)