Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Morning Photo Shoot

Despite her best efforts to never produce a real smile for my camera, I tried again for some pictures-before-school. We were actually running on time today (I heard that gasp!) so I was able to avoid making any inappropriate jokes during our little picture-taking endeavour.

It helped that Alex was sporting a new dress, had the privilege of choosing her own tights, and most importantly, wore her new flowered headband.

I finally found some long-sleeve dresses, so Alexandra's happiness during the winter season is now a possibility.
Well I should say, I finally found some long-sleeve dresses that were in a price range I was willing to consider for a 4 year old. This one in particular was $6.30 from Target. Nothing special, but at that price it's a nice play dress to have on hand.

You didn't think you were going to get away with seeing pictures of just normal backgrounds did you?

When I get hooked on something, it's all or nothing.

Like the Internet.

Or the new 90210.

And of course, textured backgrounds.

So now you know not to offer me any drugs, because I could be a serious addict.
Something else I'm hooked on?
This guy:

Ahhhhhhh. Love me a little Derry-fix.

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Corie said...

Kennedy was soooooo jealous of that headband! She wants it! Better not let Alex wear it around her :) More importantly, I did not see any dresses like that for $6 at Target. They would be perfect for Ken.