Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This past week marked a few rather, umm, unpleasant firsts for me as a mother.

There was the first time that I walked into my child's room at naptime to be met with a boy who had made a...deposit...into his diaper and decided to reach in and check it out.

Two days later it was no longer a first and was officially a second.

Along a similar line, the next first was when that aforementioned child decided to remove his diaper in its entirety during "naptime."

Here's how that exchange went down:

Me: "Derek are you done with your nap?"
D: *pointing to the floor* "Oh no, mama. Oh no."
Me: "Is that your diaper on the floor? Did you take your diaper off?"
D: "Yesh."
Me: "Derek, that's naughty! We don't take our diapers off."
D: "I pee on da wall."

Yep, he peed on the wall.

We now have a rule that Derek does not go down for a nap without a onesie on to prevent further...exploration. And marking of territory.

Wish us luck.

There was actually one positive first that occurred today. The boy who will not touch fruit actually ingested some apple. Of his own free will.

I had to document this marvel.

And I just threw this picture in for good measure. Because he looks like a little tough guy.

I ate an apple. And conquered the playground.

Now the next pictures of the girl are not firsts at all. These pictures show you a daily occurrence at the Schore home.

Without fail, upon returning from school Alex disappears into her room for about 10 minutes and reemerges in her outfit of choice.

It is always includes many layers, with special attention paid to details, such as hair clips.

Quantity is of the utmost importance.

And footwear is not to be neglected. But this particular outfit proved to be troublesome the other day. See that water she's drinking?

Well a little while later that water had filtered through and Alex realized she had to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, all of those layers proved too hard to get off in the moment of need, and I found a crying Alex standing in front of the toilet with those yellow shoes in a yellow puddle.

Guess we pay a price for fashion.


Jen McD said...

ahhh - those kids are c.u.t.e.!

I love Alex's taste for fashion and I love that Derek is proving to be all boy! Welcome ;-)

Corie said...

Hey look, I signed up for an account so I wont be anonymous :) Alex is so funny! I just hope Kennedy doesn't start trying to dress herself any time soon!

Anonymous said...

Yep, we had a similar diaper incident with Conor. Only he decided to eat is "deposit". I got, "Mama, I eat me poopie." I still shudder thinking about it.

Erin said...

Oh Megan! Yuck!
I'm just going to hope Derek didn't put his hands in his mouth, though I can't be sure.
Knowing him, he's probably allergic to poop too ;)

Happy Mommy said...

Exactly how many of Derek's bodily fluids have ended up on that wall? ;)

And, when I dropped Marina off at preschool yesterday, her teachers took a look at her hair and asked her how many barrettes she had in. She knew she had exactly six. Gotta love little girls.

Rachel said...

Gross. Just gross. When I was Alex's age, I insisted on wearing my wonderwoman underwear as outerwear. Maybe it's a girl thing. We're weird.

Anonymous said...

Cole thinks "Alethandra" looks so pretty in these pictures. He also wonders why Derek looks so big...
Miss you guys!
Lisa and kids