Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to Stool

Here's hoping that this is the year someone teaches her how to pronounce the "kuh" sound.

Yup, Alex has headed back to preschool, and this time it's 5 mornings a week. Sweet, sweet preschool. I want to hug that building and all of the teachers who so patiently listen to the tattling and irrelevant factoids that comprise the 4 year old language.

And all the mommies say, Amen.

Also back are the traditional morning pictures. You know, the ones that you insist your child pose for so you can capture the school morning excitement and the cute outfit before it comes home stained and dirty. The pictures that you never really have time for so in your grouchy "we're running late" voice you insist that they get over here right now and smile while they're at it.
It gets you wonderful shots like this:

Or this:

And then you have to resort to the only thing that you know will get a smile and you make some reference to pee pee or poo poo that is sure to break their resolve. Never mind that you usually frown upon such potty humor.

What? You don't do that?
Don't judge me. It works.

This is the little missy on her first day of school:

There was supposed to be a high of 90 or so, but she insisted that her legs were cold in the morning and picked the loudest pair of leg warmers she owns to start the year with a bang. At least she couldn't be lost on the playground, right?
And now that I've fiddled around on the computer, we're running behind for school this morning. So I'd better go and think up a new joke...
Happy Tuesday!

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Jen McD said...

Boogers are always a good laugh.

She's cute all ready for pre-K. I miss that place!