Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thanks Grandma

So we have arrived safely in Michigan and are enjoying time with family. The skies were indeed not friendly and I will have to share the story with you soon about how I got into a confrontation with another passenger on one of our flights. Seriously, I really did. Me, who would probably eat a bite of food with a hair in it before I would speak to a waitress about it. This guy really had it coming and I would tell you all about it now, but it's late and I'm ready for bed. Oh, and it would make me angry all over again and then I wouldn't be able to sleep. So instead, I offer you this post that I forgot to publish back at home:

This is a little clip of the children working to keep the hearing aide industry in business. Before you watch it, be aware that it is by no means a complete inventory of the noise-making toys that exist in our household. It is just a small sample of pointless singing and dancing animals who live in our toyboxes solely thanks to Grandma Schore. The children like to line them up and torture me.

Oh, and I'm sorry that Alex wasn't wearing any pants. I wonder at what age we stop wanting to wear our favorite shows on our underwear? Maybe I should start a new line of women's panties with my favorites one them-- things like Stephen Colbert, Jim from The Office, or Simon Cowell. I wonder if I could fit the entire Duggar family on a pair of undies?? Hmmm...

Sorry, I'm always digressing. Do you know what the kids are playing with in this picture?

This is yet another gift from Grandma that was so utterly annoying and loud that it was thrown into a box in the garage. I'm just waiting until I meet some unsuspecting mom that I don't like very much and then I'm going to give it to her kid. Thanks for nothing Grandma.

Sincerely, Hearing Impaired in Idaho Michigan


Rachel said...

I NEED to know that story!

You crack me up :)

And I just take the batteries out and tell Collin the toys are sleeping. He's not buying it anymore.

Jen McD said...

I can't not imagine you confronting a passenger. Please share!!

Thank you for not giving me the reindeer - or that dancing duck bunny. I like to turn the batteries around and tell the boys they're dead. Come to think of it... none of those made the trip to Korea. It will be a nicer 11 months.

Heather and Scott said...

Can't wait to hear the story!

I'm thinking some of those toys might need to go into hibernation for a while :)