Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Big Day

Introducing the happy couple-- John & Jessica Brissette!

Aren't they a handsome pair? Jessie is Josh's little sister, and John now finds himself like me, a normal person stuck in the family Schore. ;)

The wedding was beautiful and all the detailed planning paid off.
The location couldn't have been more perfect. Right on the water, steps leading up to a beautiful old building, and a gorgeous garden.

If only I had gotten a decent picture. Just tilt your head to the right and you'll get an idea.

The little ones did a great job with their important duties. Alex threw flowers like an old pro, and both kids did well during the ceremony.

Well, kind of.

Luke did really well.

There were a couple of instances in which Alex was a bit, um, distracting.

This picture is titled "I'm going to get you, ants!" because that's what she was saying over and over as she bludgeoned said creatures to death with her lacy white basket.

During the vows.

Then there was the time when she stood and started hiking up her dress, muttering something about her panties being bunched. Thankfully a helpful bridesmaid put a stop to it before her princess panties peeked out at the crowd.

Of course, a post is not a post without a picture of the handsome little devil.

It's a good thing Josh is working late tonight. If not, I might just have to toss my resolve out the window and insist we make another one of him post haste.
Look at that face! His sweetness is almost too much for me.
The other day I was pushing him in a shopping cart and the boy stroked my arm for 10 minutes saying "Nice mommy, nice mommy."
And he gives me kisses all day long.
And loves to snuggle.

I gotta go call Josh.

Indecisive in Idaho

I apologize for my lack of reception pictures, but once this kid starts with the hard stuff, you have to watch him really closely.


Annie Pennington said...

HAAA! My gosh your writing style totally cracks me up! I always get so excited when I see you've posted something new, I know I'm in for a treat! Your kids are so precious!!

Jen McD said...

Cinderella did a great job! And seriously, you do make great looking kids. Go for it!!!! Please please please.

There's nothing like a mama's boy, can you imagine two just like that? Or 20 little piggies to paint at a salon?

Call Josh!

ps - the bride and groom look so happy, to many more years!!

Sunk Costs said...

Little lush.

Alex squishing the ants is hysterical.

Heather and Scott said...

You do make cute kids :) You contemplating some more??? I thought I was the indecisive one!

Rachel said...

Were you passed out? Thus the reason for the wonky picture of the setting?

And you do make great kids. Alex with the ants is hysterical.