Monday, August 3, 2009

Serenity Now

And just when I thought that one (or more) of my children would not live to see the end of the summer, Vacation Bible School has come to my rescue! Our church is hosting a VBS this week and Alex is finally old enough to join in. For a blessed three hours each morning, there is peace in the house. I don't have to hear myself say things like:
"Stop touching each other."
"If you can't share that broken piece of the Happy Meal toy that you both need to have at exactly the same moment, then I am going to take it away."
"Don't pick your sister's nose, she's good at doing that all by herself."
So that should get us through this week, then we have an upcoming trip to Michigan, and when we get home, school will be starting up! I just may survive this summer after all :)
If any of you wise folks out there have any tips to share on getting my children to get along with tolerate not cause personal harm to each other I am all ears. (Or maybe it's all eyes in the internet world?) I do have to give them some credit-- they are really well behaved for about 12 hours a day: 7:30 pm to 7:30 am. After that, they don't seem to be able to exist together for more than 5 minutes before a fight breaks out. The silver lining-- it's super cute when that boy runs up to me with the most offended look on his face, sticks his bottom lip out, and says "Sissy push me." Don't feel too bad for him though, half the time he's embellishing the story.
When you're holding those innocent newborn babies you never see these days coming. I guess I'll just try to be grateful that at least I get a full night's sleep.


Keith McDaniel said...

Seriously, fighting is the norm. Embrace it and don't expect differently. That's what I do - and look at us - I'm always one day away from crazy ;-)

Enjoy VBS week!

Jen McD

MeganRoof said...

My favorite is when they get upset and start fighting when the other one talks. They aren't talking to eachother they are just talking and it makes the other one mad. I wish I could forbid them both to speak and solve that problem,but it never seems to work:)