Friday, July 31, 2009

A Sweet Treat

It's getting hot around here, so I sent the kiddos out back with a popsicle treat to cool them off.

Of course, Alex wasn't hot. She insisted that her legs were "freezing", but I'm pretty sure that was just because she didn't want to take her stripes off. I promise, we don't leave the house with her dressed this way very often.
Oh, and disregard that person in the red shirt in that picture. I kind of forgot that I was in front of a glass door.
But then I embraced it.
Hi everybody. It's me, Erin. It's 1pm and I'm still in my gym clothes.

Did you notice Alex's nose?

That's chalk. She got it on her nose by soaking the chalk in water, "painting" it on to the ground, and then I caught both of them spitting on to the painted chalk. She got a little too close to the ground while spitting. Sorry folks, I can't watch them every second. I was eating my own popsicle! But it made a perfect heart on her little nose.
See? A little chalky-spit heart.

I told her that she had a heart on her nose, and this is the face she made when trying to look at her own nose.

And there she goes again with those crazy eyebrows of hers. Have you ever seen anyone turn from having two fairly normal eyebrows into a quatro-brow?? I can just see God chuckling while he designed Alex... "And for this one, I'm going to make it so that when she raises her eyebrows, they'll double. That'll keep 'em guessing."

I don't know what it was about this sweet treat, but it brought out the sweet in my little monsters. I promise I didn't do anything to encourage this. I've actually been doing all I can recently to insist that they not touch each other in any way. It's been a little brutal around here lately.
But oh, the cuteness.

Ahhh, it was a sweet treat for me indeed.

I'm not sure exactly what's going on in this last picture, but I'm fairly certain that one day Derek will not be very happy with me for posting it.


Dana said...

ERIN!! you are hilarious!! I giggle everytime I read your blog! I am going to nominate you for a Bloggy (I am sure there is something like that out there!)
Thanks for finally including a picture with you in it...albeit in a window reflection, blurry, 20 feet away....
This is the first time I really took notice of Alex's eyebrows, ha ha! Don't tell her though, I didn't where my hair in a ponytail my whole childhood b/c my mom told me that I had big ears. Proof that everything is your parents fault....

Keith McDaniel said...

How come I never noticed Alex's eyebrow trick? I love it - it's even better imagining God focusing on her eyebrow placement. They are pretty.


NF - C&T said...

Good stuff. I'm sure my co-workers know I'm wasting time b/c I laughed out loud many times at this post!

... you look good too! Maybe next post you can actually be more than a reflection?!

Have fun w/ the kids away at VBS. Ours is this week too. It's about the time when Paul was on missions in Rome. At the booth I'm working I get to help them make picture frames and then wrap them up in togs (my favorite!).