Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Girl

My 4 year old is a girly girl.
She likes to accessorize. Actually, that's putting it mildly. She has an intense, driving need to accessorize.
Depending on the day, it will be a need to wear a tutu...
...high heels... (no pictures please, divas never want to be captured eating)
...heels, hat, and gloves...

...hat and "stripes" as she calls them...

...or the fad that lasted for 2 weeks running-- princess crown with heels.

She became quite adept at running through the house in those heels. I would say the upside was that I always knew where she was with all that clacking, but the truth is that the child rarely stops talking so it's almost never an issue.
And not everything she says is very nice either.
This morning she climbed into bed with me and snuggled up close. Then, in the most disgusted voice a 4-year-old can muster she turned away and said "Mommy, you stink like throw up!"
Wow. My self confidence was soaring on that note. Guess I need to keep some mints by the bedside or something.
And after that, I don't feel bad at all that one of her high heels broke today.


Sunk Costs said...

That lady is fierce. I can't even make it from the closet to the car without wobbling.

And now I remember the story with the stitches. Yeeouch.

Jennifer said...

Your posts are so funny! Our girls would have such a great time playing together. And poor Derek would be outnumbered... I hope that one day, we can get together... How does a trip to Arizona this winter sound to you? It's supposed to be fairly nice weather here ;) And Melissa will be here too!!

Heather and Scott said...

You always make me laugh out loud!! It's like the time K said (at age 2), "The air from your mouth is baaaaad." Awesome.