Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Odds & Ends

Our days have been a little busier the last couple of weeks. Alex has been taking swim lessons, so that was just one more thing to throw into the schedule. I slid it right in between "forgetting to fold the laundry" and "thinking about cleaning my closet".

She wasn't a big fan of the lessons. Turns out she still thinks that her face belongs out of the water at all times. I asked her when she'll be ready to go under water and she told me "Maybe when I'm five Mommy." So I guess we'll hold off on any more lessons until next year.

In other news, if you were wondering if hoping that Derek had parted ways with his summer hairstyle, you'll see that it is still alive & kickin'. He's even starting to act the part of the rock star-- you know, whining and complaining if he doesn't get his way. I'm sure it's all about the mohawk and has nothing to do with his rapidly approaching 2nd birthday.
Ooh. She looks sweet here. Kind of like when she's sleeping. Sometimes I have to channel a lot of mental energy to picture her that way during a trying day. Not that we have hard days. I'm a perfect mom and have perfect kids, didn't you know? I like this picture of Alex. It makes her seem... deep, introspective. As if she has something on her mind other than when she'll be getting her next snack and if there is a new Caillou on the DVR.

Speaking of Caillou, what's the deal with that kid anyway? He has the most annoying cartoon voice I've ever heard, and they never address if he has alopecia or just hasn't grown any hair in 4 years of life. But I am a fan of his mom-- have you ever seen an episode in which she wears a swimsuit? She totally has a little mom gut sticking out. I like that they're keepin' it real.

One last thing to wrap up the randomness. Can anyone tell me if you're ending a sentence with a quote, does the end punctuation go inside or outside of the quotation mark? (See the last sentence in the top paragraph of this post for a visual)

Thank you and good night,

Grammatically challenged in Idaho


Jen McD said...

Let me tell you that you are one smart lady to not take the mommy and me lessons with Derek. I can't begin to tell you how cold that "heated" water is!! And Alex might be onto something. Last year Cole "failed" swim lessons twice bc he refused to go underwater. Now that he's five - he's a fish!!

Derek's hairdo is fierce! And I'm pretty sure the punctuation goes inside the quotes, but it doesn't make sense. So, even though I know better - I like to do it my own way.

Rachel said...

From the English teacher in the crowd :) Punctuation goes inside the quote.

I still love that hair...Collin must be sneaking over to your house at night and teaching him the ways of being a two year old boy :)

Heather and Scott said...

Loving Derek's do! That kid ROCKS! :)

And Alex is a sweetheart...it's written all over her face. I believe it.

Love you guys!