Monday, June 29, 2009


In honor of the little Texan and Idahoan in our family, we headed on out to the local rodeo.

Alex entered the goat chase competition. Here are said goats.

Alex had her game face on.

Turns out that for the 5 & Unders they just hold the goats in place and it's basically a footrace to see who can get the ribbon off the goat's tail first.

Have you ever seen Alex run?

There are many terms that would be accurate to describe her running style: girly, bouncy, funny...not anywhere among those terms would you find the word "fast".

But she had fun anyway :) And she got a rope from the clown that's just perfect for ropin' her brother.
But somehow the rope has already disappeared. Turns out I've grown quite attached to that boy.


Melissa Fisher said...

Adorable. Absolutely adorable :) Amazing how those "pesky" toys can disappear, huh?

Jen McD said...

How much fun are you!! Way to go Alex!!