Monday, August 24, 2009

Follow the Popsicle Trail

So as I recap our time in Michigan, the who-what-where can get a little confusing as our family is spread across the state. To help clear it up, let's follow the trail of popsicle pictures to familiarize you with the details.

I think the grandparents must have read this post, where I mentioned that the kids are occasionally sweet when plied with sugar (which Mr. New York finds simply disgusting). Everywhere we went we were met with popsicles.

We flew into Detroit and spent our first week staying at Josh's mom's house. It was a crazy week full of wedding preparations, game-playing, swimming, & of course, eating.

Popsicles at Grandma's house:

The little girl next to Alex is my niece, Kennedy. My sister also lives on the east side of the state, so we were able to play together while we were over there.

After the wedding, we got up the next morning and headed over to the west side of the state, where all of my family lives. On the way, we dropped my sister off at the airport for a long-overdue getaway with her hubby, and took her kids along with us to the west side. I feel like I should be flashing some kind of gang sign when I say "west side," but unless there is a gang sign that represents corn fields it just wouldn't fit.

Here are Derek & Kennedy enjoying popsicles at my dad's house. Hopefully Derek didn't suck any brain cells out of his head.

And here are the three amigos on the popsicle step at my mom's place, which is where we stayed the second week of our trip.

Not pictured is my nephew Connor, who spent no less than 7 hours doing this:

And who takes very few pictures that don't involve a peace sign.

I love him anyway.

Then we loaded up, headed back to the east side (where gang signs would be more appropriate), swung into the airport to pick up my sis, and spent one last night @ Josh's mom's before flying out the next day.


Now that you know the trip layout, I'll be adding details on all the fun. Next up, wedding time!


the provident Woman said...

My poor kids I didn't buy a single popsicle this summer. Man oh man. I forgot how good they sound.

Jen McD said...

Thank you for the popsicle breakdown - and all the eastside vs. westside (holla!)

You are too funny. The kids look all grumpy and mean with all the non-fun you exposed them to.

And, how about you call me sister too and take the boys ;-)

Sunk Costs said...

Alex is so tan!! My parents would call her a brown bean.

Also, Kennedy appears to be blowing into her popsicle. And that is my kind of kid.