Sunday, August 30, 2009

Water Baby

Alex may have had the salon treatment in Michigan, but her brother wasn't left out of all the fun...

This boy is a water baby! He jumps in with reckless abandon, and loves to go under the water.

He's a far cry from his sister who didn't start going under the water until after she had not excelled at failed her swim lessons.

Look at these two handsome men. They melt my heart, the stinkers.

Okay, I admit it. I included the next picture for one reason. And it wasn't that my boy looks cute getting ready to jump in the water.

It was for the eye candy standing behind him.

Is that guy cute or what? I hope that when Josh is his age, he isn't afraid to hike up his trunks and show off his tan lines at the pool.

But my husband is probably too mature for such juvenile fun.

Or not.

This is a picture of the what he was doing when the lifeguard told him he was breaking the rules. By the way, that wall is more difficult than it looks!

Let's just say the boys were definitely enjoying themselves at Grandma's awesome community pool.
So were Corie & Kennedy.

And these two clowns.

As for me, I was too lazy to try the rock wall. I mastered this instead:

I'm nothing if not a risk taker.

1 comment:

Jen McD said...

Fun!! How is Josh breaking the rules - that wall in the water was clearly there for the climbing.

I have a theory on the second borns and their love of water.... it starts with how we bathe them.