Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Shot(s) Heard Round the World

Alex got her 4-year-old immunizations today, which as it turns out is actually 4 shots. I promised a lollipop for good behavior, and she was very brave until she saw the needles. Then she needed some clarification: "Mommy, little children have to cry when they get shots. If I cry can I still get a lollipop?" I confirmed that crying did not in any way affect her reward.
Then the technician started giving the immunizations, and the entire hospital paused for a moment as they tried to figure out if someone was actually being skinned alive or if the audiology department was manufacturing high pitched sounds as some sort of prank. Dogs for miles around set up a den of barking, and I think the earth may have stopped spinning for a moment. It was THAT. LOUD.
She was almost too upset to pick a sticker, and as we walked through the hospital she refused to roll down her shorts. I wish I had a picture of her hobbling down the hall holding her shorts up so they didn't touch her bandaids, with snot and tears on her face and a lollipop hanging out of her mouth. Really just pathetic. When we got outside she started to tear up again and told me that the wind was hurting her boo-boos. She was also upset that the bandaids were "boy" bandaids, and wanted them off as soon as possible. On the ride home, she made arrangements for sleeping on her back tonight so that she wouldn't stain her sheets with blood. She's a deep thinker.
Feeling a little better after removing her shorts altogether, she posed for a quick picture to show the people just how many shots she got today.

Totally unrelated to the shots heard round the world, are these two pictures of my handsome baby. I have 10 days left to refer to him as a baby and I'm going to squeeze in as many baby references as I can.

And because I care about you, I want to make you feel really good about yourself. Because chances are, your sink does not look like this.

And mine does.

(Is it weird that when my sink is a mess, I take a picture of it instead of doing something about it? I've also been known to take a picture of the inside of the microwave on it's periodic annual cleaning day. Gives me warm fuzzies.)


Jennifer said...

Gosh, Kaci and Alex would get along soooo well. We have got to get them together. Want to do a Disney Cruise next year? :)

Mrs. J said...

I seriously crack up every time I read your blog! You are one funny girl! When Seth got his 4 year old shots...by the time she got the number 4 I had to catch his fist to keep from punching her...I was holding him, she was giving the shots, but boy he whipped that fist right out...and it was close, he was very very close to cold cocking her! The first 2 weren't that bad I guess, but after number 3 he just couldn't take it anymore! Oh my sweet angel...he would never do that;)

Your pics are GREAT--btw! And the sink--total encouragement--thanks:)


Jen McD said...

You make me laugh - out loud - alone at the computer.

Alex was so brave! I can't believe Derek will be 2. Here in Korea, they round up the year... so their first year of life they are 1, after they're 1, it's known as their second year. In 10 days he will be in his 3rd year over here. Bye Bye Baby.

Heather and Scott said...

I want to do a Disney Cruise! Let's plan it :) And I SOOOOO feel your pain about flying...and dirty dishes in the sink. I'm glad that Josh will be with you for both flights. And L - to this day - remembers her shots. We went to her 6 year physical and she got all teary when she heard she needed a booster. We postponed the pain for another day.