Monday, June 13, 2011

A Bribe. I mean, A Giveaway.

I've tried to start a couple posts today and none of them have gotten past the first line.
I'm experiencing some serious bloggy-block.

I haven't had much going on lately that hasn't involve the feeding and entertainment of children, and it would appear that I'm fresh out of funny.

So queue up the random!

-- Remember that time I went on a date in college and he ate himself sick at the Olive Garden?
Read here.

--Let's revisit one of my favorite pictures ever of Alex. We put this on our cards for her first Christmas.

My grumpy little stuffed Santa.
She still has the grumpy face perfected.

--One of my friends here recently had twins. I took some pictures for her, and although there were others that better displayed their sweet little faces, I can't help but love this one.

I find the concept of twins to be fascinating. It's so hard to believe that they were both smooshed up together inside their mama.

--I have always enjoyed Q&A posts on other people's blogs.
They have the folks who read their blog leave a question in the comments, and then in another post they answer them.
(You probably didn't need that explanation, did you?)
I have oft wanted to do one of those posts here on my lil 'ol blog. I never have, because I've been too afraid that no one would ask me any questions and then I would look silly.

I've decided that I don't want to live in fear, and I'm obviously not that afraid of looking silly...

... so I'm going to try it out.

-- I thought I would help you help me not to look silly. So I will bribe you to ask me a question! Whoever leaves me a question on this post will be entered in a random drawing to win your choice of one of the following items:

A Seeds Family Worship CD.

I love these kids CDs. They are scripture verses set to super-catchy tunes. Sometimes I listen to them when the kids aren't even in the car with me.
Finally a kids CD that I can stand, and it is so cool that the kids are learning scripture in a fun way.


You can choose this Coach coin purse.

It doesn't play music, but darn it, it will hold your coins.
(And it's not Korea Coach, if you know what I mean.)

-- So leave me a comment, and ask me anything you ever wanted to know.
Topics including, but not limited to: my favorite things, what I want to be when I grow up, Air Force life, keeping a home that looks lived-in, keeping a van that looks lived-in (by a messy hobo), researching a Disney trip until you log more hours on the computer than you will at the parks, aggravating your mother-in-law (It's a two step process involving growing out your son's hair and threatening to homeschool her granddaughter through high school), skydiving, streaking, pancake ballin', sharing TMI on your blog, and how not to garden.

The possibilities are limitless.

So go win yourself a CD, or a place to store your quarters.
Or just comment out of pity.
I'll take what I can get.



Lisa said...

Hi there! Ok, first, your blog is hysterical and I always enjoy reading it. Second, I have a very good question to ask... :) Have you considered putting ads on this blog? You could totally maake $$ with how many people enjoy your site! It's super easy to get set up with affiliates and I think you would do great. Anywho, that's my question to you! =) Hope all is well with you guys!

Beth Lewis said...

Howdy! I love your blog. Your stories make my days with little ones more bearable, because they help me find the humor in temper tantrums and potty messes.
I'd like to know:
(a) What's your salvation story?
(b) Do you ever eat brownie or cookie dough? By the bowlful? While watching your favorite chick flick after the kids go to bed?(Please tell me I am not the only one!)

Rachel said...

Hmmmm, I think my most burning question would involve the gingerbread story because I swear I can not see a gingerbread man shape or anything gingerbread-related without thinking about you. Try watching any of the Shrek movies and I end up thinking about you and your Alex ALOT. I swear I'm not a stalker or anything - I just can't help it. So the question - will you ever eat gingerbread again?

Megan said...

It is hard to believe it has already been ten years since the wedding! I LOVE your blog. It reminds me of the old days (since you have been making me laugh since the sixth grade), and it makes me feel normal because my domestic skills are lacking as well. It makes me feel like my kids are normal too, which is comforting on days when my three little ones do the things they do. Random question: Do you genuinely contemplate homeschooling or is it just a way to get PTB riled up?

Maranda said...

What is pancake ballin'? Am I supposed to know what this is?

Jennifer said...

I soooo love when you post on your blog :) My question to you is... When will you go back to work outside of the house? ;)

Gretta Randolph said...

Hello! I love reading you blog! It makes me laugh out loud and I love hearing about your kids and everyday life! I think all of the time "If only I could write such funny stories about our everyday happenings!". My husband recently retired from the Air Force and we now live in Boise....I stumbled upon your blog from my friend Jen, who is stationed at MHAFB now and we often laugh and chat about the things you are up to. Anywho, my question for you is this: Have you ever considered writing a book? You could be a modern day Erma Bombeck!

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to find out who has a deeper desire to learn scripture over a materialistic Coach coin pouch?

My question is..... How big is the coin pouch? Hehehe


When are you coming to visit? Do the kids even remember us? Will you share your tips on being frugal? Did you complete the year of 5 minute sit ups? What was your overall view of ColorFuel? Should I start it? And when is the next PTB visit?

Jen mcd

Sandy said...

i will give you an easy question and one that i already know the answer to...will josh take my husband flying in his F15E? the only reason that i ask is because every time he sees me reading your blog, he wants to know if i have asked yet...men and their toys!

April said...

If train A leaves the station going 60 miles per hour and train B leaves one hour later going 85 miles per hour, how long will it take train B to catch up with train A?

Yeah, I don't know either, but I love your blog and your sense of humor! I can't wait to see what you think of home schooling! ~April

melicity said...

Love your blog! One of the best parts of my day. :)

Question: What is your favorite thing to do at Disney World, aside from eating funnel cakes? Do you have a favorite ride?

Taylor said...

Ah! There was no need to worry! :)

Question: What does your average day look like?

Question: How homeschooling going thus far?

Question: Does Josh read your blog? Does he find you to be humorous?

You don't have to answer all of them.

What's the purpose of a coin purse? I have one on my jumbo wallet. I'll take the cd. ;)

Dana said...

Hola Erin!
As I am now fully to my ears in motherhood, your blogs will start to quadruple in hilarity, if that is even possible.
Would you ever consider surrogacy?

Me and Mr. Wright said...

Being a new Military Spouse, specifically a new pilots spouse- we are just starting the road of deployments, tdy's, long trainings, etc.

Heres my question: Was it a struggle at first handling deployments/tdy's even in your days pre-children? How do you do it? :)

I know I will figure it out, and I am absolutely up to the task since thats "What I signed up to do" (Thats what every person likes to tell me if I mention missing my husband), but it still doesn't make hubs being gone any easier!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

If you could actually pick your next place to be stationed, where would it be?

Meredith said...

My question: If you could go back and relive any year which would it be and why? I love your blog and you make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! My question is, when does PtB come to visit again? Those are among my favorite posts!
Karen G

Anonymous said...

Well, I am a recent follower and I must say I LOVE your blog.....and I LOVE WDW and I live in North Carolina....
Now for my question why is PTB called PTB???? And, does she read your blog?

The answer might be in an old post of yours and I have read back, but seemed to have missed the explanation.

Again, I say.....thanks for all the wonderful humor. Keep on writing!!


Erin said...

Hmmmm. I'll ask when you are going to start your next dieting fad? Not that the 8 minute abs or the colorfuel were fads, but I really need to lose 10 pounds and need some motivation.

Laura said...

Here's my question...
I think you posted a while back about getting recipes, so have you used any of them and, if so, what are your favorites? any good colorfuel recipes? and when are you going to disney again?
Miss you!!!

JeramieLee said...

Hi! :) I found your blog through Sonlight - we'll be starting our homeschool journey this fall - yikes! Aaaand, I am a HUGE Disney fan too! Sooo, my questions would be:
1. How did you make the choice to homeschool?
2. What made you decide to use Sonlight?
3. What is your favorite Disney moment?
4. What are some of your have-to-dos at Disney?

You've got some great questions in your comments - looking forward to your responses! :)

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

I love your picture of the twins! Where were you when my twins were babies?!
OK... my question is actually a two parter:
1. Of all of the places you have lived, where is your favorite?
2. If you could move anywhere you wanted, where would you live?

'licious said...

you seem to be gifted in the embarrassing moments department (naked cookie dough incident comes first to my mind). you also seemed to be gifted in not being too embarrassed by them. what is your most embarrassing moment that you can think of?

Mindy said...

OK- I'm really torn. I really want to know your most embarrassing moment, but I also think I need to know what pancake balling is. Like, really need to know. Oh, and if you wrote a book I would totally buy it. :)

Jen Hammon said...

OK, so the movers arrive tomorrow morning and I am still trying to think of a question. I am getting ready to load up 4 kids in the car and move across country with no house on the other end. Crazy, huh? Keep blogging because I will need some humor along the 6 day journey.