Thursday, June 2, 2011


The costume-- $65

The tickets-- $20

The gas to drive back and forth two nights in a row-- $20

The look on her face when her Daddy gave her flowers--

Um, hello?
I just told you-- $105.00


As you can see, Alex had her dance recital earlier this week.
She loved it-- the lights, being on stage, looking like a streetwalker wearing makeup, everything!

I admit that I wasn't thrilled about the whole recital process, but it ended up being a fun experience.

We were only allowed to film during dress rehearsal, and Josh used the video camera up close to the stage. I took this clip with our little camera from farther back. So it's not good quality, but it should do for the grandparents.
If you're not related to Alex, this is three minutes of your life you'll never get back.
Don't say I didn't warn you!


Grandma said...

Because of YOUR reference to "street walker", perhaps you now see my forethought in acquiring the "hooker dolls" many, many years ago.

My princess was delightful, and of course, the best dancer of the evening. Glad she had the chance to make this memory. Wish I could have been there.

Tayler said...

Oh my- I have been in many a dance recital in my life and that is the FANCIEST gosh darn costume I have ever seen!

Jennifer said...

Love the booty shakin' girl! Too cute!!

Suz said...

Loved the video! I took dance starting at age 3 and went through high school, def have had my fair share of recitals! I also taught all through college so you can think of me as that crazy adult back stage doing all the steps and pointing to my teeth to get the kids to smile, haha. Very cute and good job on the flowers, one of the most important parts!

Who knows, I might need to seek out this studio for a job once we get to NC!

Taylor said...

Only you would mention a street walker! ha! :) She looked cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Since when was a parent not allowed to film during the actual performance? Ha! I am a rebel. I would have filmed to my heart's delight.

For the record, I live for moments in which I can embarrass my children...such as getting thrown out of recitals for not following the rules.

I jest.

Sort of.

Adorable costume, and child, and I won't say hubby so you don't get mad. :)

Maranda said...

So cute! You can tell her nintendo wii dancing has played a role in perfecting her technique! :) I swear I saw some of those same moves in the "it's raining men" duet video with Derek!

I'm Erin. said...

Oh, you can say hubby ;)
I agree!

(I married up)

Joyce said...

So sweet!