Monday, June 27, 2011

Denist & Dancing.

Not to be confused with Daddy & Dentist.

So, the tooth extractions went swimmingly this morning, thanks in large part to sacrificial parenting.
How so, you may ask?
Well, you see, our dental insurance does not cover nitrous oxide. Yet we forked over the $65 dollars to make the treatment that much easier for our sweet girl.
So now I have to go 65 days without having a Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee from McDonald's to compensate. Only I forgot about that when I was going through the drive-thru to get my daughter the obligatory post-dental-work milkshake. And I got a coffee anyway.
Guess instead I'll just have to compensate by not leaving the house for the next three weeks and I can save the money in gas.
I like to be home.
Or I could just pay for it out of our checking account and forget about it. Because we are not destitute.

Which is good. Because these are just the first of many teeth that are projected to need some "help" getting out of the way.

I'm glad I got the coffee. Because now I feel like I'm on top of the world. I can accomplish anything. I have had caffeine and it is a Monday-- full of possibilities.
It is entirely possible that I might even fold the laundry that's been in the dryer since yesterday. And we hosted our small-group Bible study yesterday, so with the exception of the floors my house is clean. The floors can never be clean after having 15 adults and 10 kiddos in the house.
Maybe I'll even clean the floors today so I can have an entirely clean abode.

Got to save something for Tuesday, right?

To reward Alex for being so brave this morning, she was permitted to stay up during quiet time and watch Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses, of which she has been mourning her inability to watch because I have refused to subject Derek to all of the pinkness and dancing therein.

(How's that for a long sentence? Can you tell I've been reading Anne of Green Gables? Her wordiness rubs off on me. And I quite forgot how much I enjoy that book, even though Josh gives me weird looks and says that I'm reading a children's book.)

So she watched while he napped, and she was also able to invite her girly friends over to join her. They have long been scheming to watch this particular movie together, and so they were indulged.
I didn't want to ruin the quiet by going in to take pictures, but they were very adorable sitting there enraptured with the movie. So I took the pictures through the door and window.

Every time music would play, they would get up and twirl around, dancing along with the princesses.

After all, they are all little ballerinas.

Sigh. Little girls can be so cute.

(Aside-- How is it that Kaylynn & Emily ended up with the adorable little ballerina costumes, and Alex looked like Bozo the clown was put through a blender? Oh, the injustice.)


Taylor said...

You just made me miss my girls at that age.

Darn you.

Darn you a lot.

Maranda said...

I love the precious candids you caught through the window! So adorable that they danced every time the music played! I love it!

Erin said...

We have that movie. I subject my boys to watching it. Come on, there is sword action!! Or, maybe that's why Malachi is taking ballet now.

Sandy said...

LOVE anne shirley!

bozo the clown was put through a blender...you kill me!!!

Sally said...

LOVE Anne of Green Gables... and my hubs gives me the same weird looks... but he's a guy... he doesn't understand. And I love the pics you got through the door/window! Precious!!!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

The nitrous is worth every penny - totally worth the sacrifice.

aTXtumbleweed said...

Oh my gosh, I love Alex's ballerina costume....the other two are so...uhmm generic....Alex stands out and I was thinking the girl love bright colors!!