Sunday, June 26, 2011

Daddy & Dentist



Getting closer...

Wait's over!

Josh returned on time this past Friday! This doesn't happen all too often when he's flying a jet home (as opposed to riding on the tanker or taking a civilian flight.)
The kids and I were so happy to have him back, and early enough to go for an evening swim as well.

First, though, was show and tell with a stack of papers no less that 6 inches deep. They saved everything from the previous 3 weeks. And Alex is like an arts and crafts factory. That girl can go through some paper!

Derek was more interested in clobbering his daddy after three weeks of being with the girls.

And I was just glad to have my man back. After all, I was missing my spoiling.
I slept in until 9am on Saturday morning, and then took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I'm feeling quite pampered, and well rested.

The weekend has gone by much too quickly, and I am dreading tomorrow. Not just because Josh has to go back to work, but also because I have to take Alex to the dentist.
She is getting two teeth pulled tomorrow :(

Alex is a worrier, so we're not planning on telling her what's going to happen until the last minute.
And maybe not even then. Her dentist said to let him do the talking, and I'm only too happy to oblige.
I really don't even want to imagine the drama that will be unfolding tomorrow. Because she can be a little dramatic.
Remember her 4-year shots?

She has a small mouth, and so these will probably be the first of several baby teeth that will have to be pulled to make room for the permanent ones coming in. I told her that she'll have to settle for community college because her mouth's going to cost a small fortune and we're taking it out of her college fund. 

Wish us luck!


phoebe said...

From personal experience, yes! don't tell her ahead of time if she's a worrier! Our son (now 8) had to have an infected baby molar pulled recently. He worried and worried so much beforehand, that he fought the two different medications and cried forever! After observing the process, I would say that getting a tooth pulled is so WAY less complicated than getting a filling (of which he has 5), but he had too much time to think/worry about it beforehand. It sounds like you have a great dentist who knows how to handle kids. (This is Erin's sister-in-law, BTW.)

Anonymous said...

Numbing cream, gas, novacaine. She won't even remember getting the novacaine via shot

Over and done in 10 minutes! Praying for a quick and easy appointment!


Taylor said...

Glad Josh got home safely! Loved the pictures-so sweet. Don't tell her for sure. Good luck!

Joyce said...

I've supported orthodontists on both sides of the pond...even with insurance it's a bit crazy. But of course we all need perfect teeth...hoping there was no drama. Maybe she'll surprise you?

Glad your hubs made it home!

Sandy said...

i sure hope josh knows he can get away with ANYTHING as long as he comes home in his flight suit! =o)

Heather and Scott said...

Love the welcome home pics, too precious.