Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I need a date for my anniversary, and other randomness.

It's that time again-- the Wednesday Hodgepodge! Join up at Joyce's site
1. Have you ever been to the US capital-Washington DC? If so, what's your favorite site? If not, what would you most like to see on a visit to that city someday in the future? Is it even on your list of places to visit?

Yep. From ages 3-18 I lived about 10 miles from DC. 
 It's one of those things that you take for granted when you're a kid, but I started to appreciate it more as I got into high school. Being able to take the Metro into DC to go to the all the "free" entertainment was neat. Things like the National Zoo, the museums, fireworks on the 4th of July, etc.
You can imagine that we had many a school field trip to the Mall. 

I think my favorite event was when I got to see Les Miserables at the National Theater. I was sure I wouldn't like to see a musical, but I loved it. 

I'd like to take the kids to DC when they get older. The would not appreciate it now, of that I am certain. After all, they've been a little spoiled with kidcentric vacations lately.

2. When did you last attend a wedding? Are there any weddings on your summer calendar? Were you a summer bride? If you're single, is summer the season of your dream wedding?
No weddings on my agenda this summer. 
The last one I went to was Josh's sister's wedding, almost two years ago.
Alex was the flower girl. 
Wasn't she so cute?!

She thought so too--

She totally disrupted the wedding because she thought it was her job to kill ants with her basket. 

I like to think she was trying to protect her Aunt Jessie on her big day. 

Our tenth anniversary is next week! 
Josh has planned a celebration in Vegas. 

Only I'm not invited. 
So if anyone wants to celebrate my anniversary with me, you're more than welcome! :)
3. What is your favorite way to eat strawberries?
In the field while picking them. Something about the warmth of the sun on the berries makes them even sweeter. 

4. What is one thing you are especially looking forward to this summer? 
Lazy days at the pool with picnic lunches and friends!

5. Do you use/like the self checker at the grocery store?
Only if it speaks to me with a British accent. Then it's more tolerable to be told that I need to "Place your item in the bagging area" even when it's already there. 

6. Share a favorite piece of common sense advice.

If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie, wipe the seatie.

7. Barefoot, flip flops, tennis shoes, sassy sandals-your first choice for summertime?
Barefoot or flip flops. I usually run Alex to the bus with no shoes on, but I realized yesterday that when I go out to pick her up, I should wear some. It's in the upper 90's here and that driveway is HOT!

(And seriously, upper 90's at the end of May/beginning of June? Good grief!)

8. Insert your own random thought here.
McDonald's iced coffees are $1.08 with tax. Even the large.
May I suggest the sugar-free vanilla? 
It make me feel better about my indulgence.

Also, my son whipped it out at his doctor's appointment yesterday. 
Yes, it.
And no, it was not necessary for the appointment. 


melicity said...

I'm glad you got to go to Disney, but I am so glad you are back to blogging! ;)

Joyce said...

My hubs will be in India on our anniversary in two weeks-perhaps you and I should head for the islands?

Your daughter is so adorable, especially in the picture with the mirror!

Joyce said...
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Joyce said...

I feel the need to explain...for some reason my comment posted twice so I deleted one except now that I've explained I'm on here three times. Annoying, aren't I?

I'm Erin. said...

Not annoying, Joyce! It makes me look more popular ;)

Taylor said...

I will celebrate your wedded bliss with you! What are we doing? :)

Mary said...

LOVE the pics of your daughter! And your advice!

Tammy Doane said...

First of all--excited I can leave a comment----I haven't been able to--I love your answers. Your daughter is precious!!! Have a good day.

Susan said...

What a precious flower girl. So sweet of her to use her bug skills during the ceremony! Have a blessed day.

Erin said...

"If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie, wipe the seatie."

Does that actually work? My boys are killing me here.

CrysHouse said...

Your advice was great--I'll have to frame that and put it in my bathroom :)

Theresa said...

Visiting today from Wednesday's Hodgepodge. This year will be our 10th anniversary too. We were married Thanksgiving weekend 2001. Your daughter looks beautiful as a flower girl. Thanks for the iced coffee tip...I'll have to get one.

Zoanna said...

Your daughter is too cute! Oh, my , killing ants w/ her basket .Love what kids do at weddings when they're in spotlight .

And I had to laugh twice about the random comment. First because I just had read your comment about the iced coffee, so when you said your son whipped it out at the doctor's ,I was thinking, "where did he whip coffee out of?" hahaha! Then I read it again and the "it" took on "its" real meaning!! bwahhahaaahhaa!

Sally said...

LOVE your advice... I need that tattooed to my sons' er... area... so they remember! Seriously... ugh...

And my hubs will still be deployed during our anniversary on Saturday... wanna come party in Mountain Home? Come on, you know you want to!