Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wrap it up.

Finishing what I start is not one of my strong points.

Just ask my "vegetable" garden.
Also known as, my weed garden.

I have other things to blog about-- like our day at the beach, and Alex's dance recital. But I haven't finished Disney!
So for a quick wrap-up, here are some pictures with captions.
That will have to do.

My three favorite people in front of Splash Mountain. Which we rode many a time.

My princess in front of the castle. (This picture was taken while Derek and I were on the carousel. She had to sit out for having an attitude like a teenager. I have a feeling her actual teenage years will be rough.)

Two serious bugs waiting for It's a Bug's Life 3-D show in Animal Kingdom.

Someone had a birthday in Disney World! Alex turned 6 years old (sniffle sniffle, wipe tear). She opened presents on her bed in the morning, got a phone call from Goofy* and Mickey to wish her a happy birthday, and received a birthday button to wear. So many people stopped to wish her a happy birthday throughout the day. It was definitely a special birthday!

*I just have to mention that when Goofy started talking on the phone-- she thought it was Pat the Bunny**. Ha!

** I also have to mention that I was informed by my brother in law this weekend that Pat the Bunny tried to call us by dialing us up on her remote control.

I'm not joking.

This birthday shirt was one of her gifts. It has a big "6" on the back.

Which pretty much renders it useless for wear ever again.

Here we are in front of two big attractions-- Mickey's sorcerer hat, and my hair.
Unlike the hat, my hair gets bigger and bigger as the day goes on.


Yummy butterfinger cupcake for the birthday girl!

The boys on Splash Mountain.

A fun, fun trip!

Now we can move on in blogland. But not right now-- it's a busy day.
Gym, grocery shopping, doctor's appointment for Derek, and a dance recital!


Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Looks like another fabulous trip! I hadn't seen you post for a while and knew your trip was approaching. Last Monday Hubby and I were at Epcot and I have to admit that I wondered in some part of my brain if y'all were there and we might actually meet in person. Glad you had a good time and Alex had a magical birthday!!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Splash Mountain is my family's favorite ride. Good times. Looking forward to the dance recital recap. I looooooove dance recitals!

I'm Erin. said...

Rachael, I almost wrote to see if you'd be in WDW while we were there! It was one of the things on my to-do list that I never accomplished.
Also on the list-- clean my house before leaving. That didn't happen either ;)

Maybe next time we can meet up!

Taylor said...

Loved the bug eye glasses picture! Looks like a fun trip-I am jealous!

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Next time we'll have to meet up. I always have cleaning my house on my list before I leave too but I always run out of time. Glad you had fun!