Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dia de las Madres

Today the children woke up at 7am.
They did not get the memo that it was Mother's Day and my one wish was to sleep in.

So I did what any good mother would do.
I gave them a juice box and a pop tart.
I turned on the Disney channel.
And I went back to bed.

Surprisingly, it worked.
No one came to tell me that they needed to go to the bathroom. I did not hear any fist fights breaking out. Derek didn't even bring me his empty juice box when he was done, as is his habit.

(Sometimes he confuses me for the trash can. I haven't figured out why.)

So I enjoyed snoozing until around 9am, when I realized that I should probably turn the television off.
I don't often advocate hours of TV on end, but I do believe there is a time and a place for everything.

We had a pretty good day. We go to church on Saturday nights, so Sundays truly are relaxing mornings for us. I got all productive and washed everyone's sheets. Then I made all the beds up fresh and clean.

So naturally Derek wet his bed at naptime. An impressive feat when you consider he was wearing a pull-up.
I haven't figured out why that happens either.

We got together for our Bible study, despite the fact that all of our husbands were missing. It was a nice time to chat with the other girls though, while a babysitter kept the hoodlums out of the way.

We've had a nice weekend, I hope you have, too!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom. Thanks for having a second child, even though epidurals weren't widely available.
I'm totally worth it.


Taylor said...

7am is totes sleeping in over here. Buck up! Glad you had a happy Mother's day even though you are flying solo. You are a good mama. Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for our country. :)

PS-can you come to here and take pictures of my kids and edit them and make us all look pretty and non-hick-ish and take out my tummy flab? I will let you stay in my rental for free. yes. that's right. free.

Heather and Scott said...

I'll speak for your mom, you were TOTALLY worth it. :) Happy Mothers Day, sweet friend. :)

Joyce said...

Glad you had a Happy Mother's Day!

Me and Mr. Wright said...

We got Buffs to Shreveport! I keep praying we don't end up in Minot after the B Course. But its a possibility.

Our good friends got F-15E's and will be heading to your neck of the woods! :)