Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm interrupting the last installment of the Disney recap because I'm bored with it.

Unfortunately for you, I have nothing interesting with which to replace it.
So on with the randomness!

My gym motivation is at an all-time low. I'm not sure why, as bathing suit season is officially here. As a matter of fact, we are going to the beach tomorrow.

Yes, I'm pulling my daughter out of school again.
We are such naughty parents.

When I was a kid, it was my mother's greatest pride that my sister and I consistently receive the "Perfect Attendance" award at school.
It would literally take an act of active vomiting minutes before the bus came to allow us to stay home.
Mild fever? Tummy ache? Angst-filled teenage cramps?

"If it gets worse, you can call me from school."

Heartless, mother. Heartless.

In my defense, there are only 10 days left of school, and by Alex's teacher's own admission, they will be "reviewing and maintaining" for the rest of the school year.
I can help her review and maintain by counting seashells and spelling words in the sand, no?

Besides, Daddy has the day off and he is getting ready to leave for another trip in just a bit.

What's that you ask?
Wasn't he just gone for two weeks right before our Disney trip?
Why yes. Yes, he was.
Good memory.
Such is life in the Air Force.

After this next little jaunt, he will be home for a couple of months before the Big One.

I've been thinking about getting a Flat Daddy, so Josh can be in pictures during the months he's away. I can't decided if it's fun, funny, or creepy.
Maybe a combo ;)

While I'm at it, maybe I'll order a Flat Mommy. That way, when I'm going nuts, I'll just prop Flat Mommy on the couch and sneak off for a long bath.
In other news, the neighborhood pool is opening soon. So if you need me between the hours of 10-12am and 4-6pm, you can find me there. Mostly because it will be too hot to be anywhere else.

Random post concluded with random pictures.


Erin said...

I never thought about the flat mommy. I need one of those to put outside the kids' doors during quiet time and night so they stop coming out. Don't they know that if they want a sane mommy, she need a little break?

Joyce said...

I used to be flat mommy. Now I'm muffin top mommy. Flat mommy was better.

Sunny said...

Yay for pulling her out of school! I kept my Kindergartener home today. Just because I was too tired to get up and take her. When I asked her if she wanted to go or stay home, she wanted to know if her attendance would still be perfect. She would go to school all summer long if someone would just unlock the door for her.

And besides, she got her perfect attendance award last week! So I predict she will be staying home again next week, too!

Kelly Marie McKee said...

Love the close ups of your kids!

Sally said...

Ugh - had a wonderfully witty and inspirational comment written, and then pushed the wrong button and deleted it. Sigh. So - I'll simply state that I absolutely applaud you taking your daughter out of school - family time is something we don't take granted, especially when the Air Force doesn't allow much family time at. all. ever. (And besides, who knows if the next place you'll be stationed is remotely close to the BEACH??? Mountain Home, anyone? seriously...)

And I"m with Joyce - greatly dislike the muffin top mommy... not sure how I feel about the flat daddy... although that WOULD come in handy when we do our family church pictures next week!

Taylor said...

Flat daddy?!
Joyce made me laugh.

I have never heard of a flat parent.