Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rainy Morning

It is rainy.
Since I might melt if I go out, I'm using the weather as an excuse to have a cuddly morning on the couch with my favorite three year old.

He's been giving me nuzzles, and snuggles, and eating his body weight in wabbles.
But he does NOT like syrup on his wabbles and he is not afraid to tell you.

I rarely make coffee, but I thought this would be a good day for it.
But I used too much sugar in my cup, as is wont to happen when you pour it directly from the 5lb sugar bag into your mug. So I had to find a bigger mug so that I could add more coffee.

Now I find myself drinking coffee while my thumb rests on some ceramic breasts.

Do you think the makers of this mug specifically had a fighter squadron in mind when they designed it?
That, or maybe a swag bag at an adult entertainment convention.
I have to admit, I've found myself absentmindedly rubbing that area of the handle, and it's left me feeling confused.


Yesterday Alex brought home some school pictures. I found this odd because I didn't order any.
Apparently the new way of doing things is to send home the pictures and ask for payment, and then I have to return the pictures that I don't want.

So, back in the backpack they all went.
I have no shame.
I will not be guilted into buying pictures of my daughter sitting in front of a waterfall, with a strand of hair stuck to her nose, and her socks pulled up.

Somebody give Pat the Bunny a paper bag. She's probably hyperventilating because I didn't give her the chance to get one.
It's okay, PtB. I take plenty of pictures of that girl. I'll even send you some if I ever get around to printing any.

This one made me laugh.

It looks fine like that, but when you see it here...

...you realize that her elbow is not actually resting on anything.
It just looks like she's punching herself in the head.

Oh, I love that girl.

I'm going back to my coffee now.
Happy Wednesday.


Jen Hammon said...

Thanks for my morning giggle. =)

Corie said...

I send Connor's Spring ones back every time! I actually got Kennedy's this year, but haven't sent them to you yet...oops. Should probably do that before next year comes around!

Jennifer said...

Wait, my other friend at SJ posted pictures of her daughter with the exact same waterfall! Did they move the waterfall from WF to SJ? The water isn't as brown as WF's... Anyway, I wonder if they are at the same school... Private school?

Taylor said...

You funny.

I'm Erin. said...

No, she's in the public school, Jen. But I wouldn't be surprised if the same photographer takes his waterfall to all the schools in town ;)

Annie Pennington said...

You know that laugh people get where they are laughing so hard they begin to cry and their mouth does a really ugly thing and they gasp for breath? Oh wait...is that just me? Well I did that when I saw the photo of Alex "punching herself in the head" OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! So hilarious!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

The Main Family said...

laughing, laughing, laughing....bahaha!