Monday, May 2, 2011


Don't ask about that title. You don't want to know.
We may have taken pet names to a whole 'notha level. 

Today is the birthday of my sweet hubby.
So I guess I can't say that Pat the Bunny never did anything right.

Not that I would ever say that, of course.

To celebrate his birthday, I put the kids to bed at 6:55pm.
Happy Birthday to me!

I love you, Josh. More and more every year. Thanks for being awesome.
It takes the attention off me.

Snugglywufflegist and spawn


Sandy said...

happy birthday...daddy =o)

Corie said...

Happy Birthday Josh!

Jen McD said...

Happy Birthday Josh!! I was waiting for A&D to hit their heads together with that swaying ;-) Sweet kids!!

Taylor said...

Happy Birthday, Cuddlywufflegist!