Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My A for your Q

Well, shucks.
Ya'll made me feel all good about myself with your sweet comments about enjoying my drivel.

I don't even mind if you were making it up.

Thanks to those of you who left questions for me! I'll wait another day or so before closing the comments to give anyone else an opportunity to enter the drawing.

I mean, who needs Pioneer Woman with her camera giveaways and $500 gift cards to Anthropologie?
I'm offering a kids CD and a coin purse that came free with purchase.
So classy.

It will take me several posts to get through all the questions; which is great for days when I have nothing to post about.
You know, like days that end with a 'y'.

Let's face it, I never really have anything to post about. Which is why I post about nothing. I'm like the Seinfeld of blogging, only not as funny.

I'm going to start today with April's question. She asked:

If train A leaves the station going 60 miles per hour and train B leaves one hour later going 85 miles per hour, how long will it take train B to catch up with train A?

Yeah, I don't know either, but I love your blog and your sense of humor! I can't wait to see what you think of home schooling!

Oh April. Trying to expose my lack of mathleticism.

Let me tell you the long story of why I started with this question.

Josh is away for work, and even though he is in the States, we have not had very good communication this trip. The time difference plus his work schedule has made it hard for us to get a chance to talk.

We didn't talk at all on Monday, or yesterday either. So when I went to bed for the night, I sent him a short e-mail just checking in.
To be exact, I said this:
I know you're super busy, and not feeling good. But I need at least a one-sentence e-mail to let me know that you're still alive. k?

I was assuming that in the morning, I would have a reply in my in-box.


So I was a little mopey this morning that we hadn't been in touch for so long. I took the kids to the gym and then when I came home, I was happy to see a message from Josh waiting in my in-box.

Allow me to cut and paste for you, so you can see all of the affirmations of missing me and loving me that Josh provided on this Wednesday morning, after not speaking to each other since Sunday:

The answer to April's question: Train B will catch Train A after 2.4 hours (3.4 hours after Train A leaves)

Well, I guess he's still alive.

Happily, moments later, he sent me a Skype message and we were able to chat for a bit.
I do love my mathlete.
I asked him how long it took him to get the answer. About 45 seconds.

So I thought I would try it myself. I grabbed a pencil and paper.
About ten minutes later, I had given up on getting an exact answer, but I did have a little drawing of a train station and tracks that I thought would help.

They did not.

I guess this also answers part of Taylor's question:
Does Josh read your blog? Does he find you to be humorous?

Yes, he does read my blog. Not every day, but I think he reads most of my posts.
When he's away from home, he checks in more often and wants me to post every day with stories about the kids and pictures.
Incidentally, I am failing him this trip. And he let me know it when we spoke today. 

So here you go, honey! Old pictures from the beach that I never posted. 
You don't have to thank me.

Beach Yoga

And for the second part-- I don't know. Josh? Do you find me humorous?
Also, how did you feel about me putting a picture of you in the bathtub on the blog? We never had a chance to discuss it. 

Moving on. Maranda asked,
What is pancake ballin'? Am I supposed to know what this is?

Of course you should know! ;) Pancake balls are a rare delicacy served only in the finest French bakeries.

Or not.

You see, I am a terrible cook. And when Josh is not home for dinner (read: every weekday), I am often tempted to make a lazy meal for the kids.
Enter, Pancakes.
Unfortunately, I make pancakes about as well as I keep my van clean. I don't know why, but I just can't get it right. I always burn at least one side.

So if you read the beginning part of this post, you will find out exactly what Pancake Balls are.
And then you will probably not ask me to cook for you. 

Last one for today-- Anna, who also lives here in NC and  loves Disney World (my kind of girl!) asked:

Now for my question why is PTB called PTB???? And, does she read your blog?

PtB stands for Pat the Bunny. She is my dear mother in law, whose name just so happens to be Pat. 
There is a children's book called Pat the Bunny. Many moons ago, I did not know if the "pat" in Pat the Bunny was a noun or a verb. 
Is the book about a bunny named Pat? 
Or are we supposed to literally pat the bunny?

Oh, the things that keep me up at night. 

I was putting her phone number into my cell phone, and just to be silly I typed in Pat the Bunny as her name. So every time she called me, I would see that. And so it stuck.

She does indeed read my blog. She is a very good sport. I have only poked fun at her, oh, say, about a hundred times or so. In my defense, she is a very easy target. She does silly things all the time. 

I have also recruited my brother in law, John, to help me out when I'm not in Michigan and she's not visiting. He keeps me abreast of any Pat the Bunny-isms that I need to exploit in blogland.
Shortly after my sweet newborn nephew arrived, I got an e-mail from John listing 4 crazy things she had done while visiting with them in the hospital and at their home after Caleb's birth. 

My favorite on the list: She placed her half-finished Coke on the side of the baby's hospital bassinet. Later, when the nurse walked in, somehow the book she was reading "slipped" out of her hand and was thrown across the room, knocking the coke off and spilling it all over. 

Can we just take a moment to think this through. 
1) Who puts a soda can on the baby's crib?
2) Who throws things at the baby's crib?
3) She so crazy.

(By the way, pat is a verb.)

Thanks again for playing along! This is fun :)


Anonymous said...

Ohhh....so GLAD you have a good relationship with PTB!! I love my mother-in-law and wish that upon every daughter-in-law, though I know 'it ain't so'. And I KNEW/know pat in Pat the Bunny the book is a verb! But I'm sure that is because I am probably, almost as old as your PTB.

Looking forward to more answers to all the questions....
and thank you for answering mine so quickly!

Fondly, the WDW- loving Anna in NC

April said...

I'm so glad I could help keep your hubby in touch! ;)

Taylor said...

Josh answering the math question is hilar.
(hilar is short for hilarious. keep up.)

Bobbi said...

Yeah, so I wrote that math problem on a card and gave it to Loverbrains...SIGH..yup, about 45 seconds...right answer. Life is so unfair. HAHAHA! I so enjoyed your answers...although I missed the putting in questions day...oops. I envy your relationship with PtB. Hope you know how VERY blessed you are.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I had always wondered about the PTB thing too. Glad to have that cleared up!

Katie said...

So glad you are my friend. You can always make me laugh.