Sunday, June 5, 2011

A long day.

A long day, it has been.

Type like Yoda, I shall.

So we're down a parent, but have gained a fever and some pukes.
Unfair trade, I say.

The boy is ill.
Started out of the blue on Saturday with a fever.
So to the couch he went for some TLC. Bland food, motrin, aminal friends, and a show.

As of Sunday afternoon, we had long since traded the bland food for a vomit holding receptacle. No food. Small sips of drink. No aminals-- they add to the laundry when they get puked on. Movies last longer than shows.

A motrin/tylenol regimen is no match for the monster fever which has turned my son into a human fireball of heat.

This is not atypical. The boy does not do mild fevers. He's an all or nothing kind of kid when it comes to illness. Also, his potty routine.

I haven't left the house in two days. Going a little batty, even for my own hermit-like tendencies.
Bedtime could not come soon enough tonight.
So I met it halfway and started the teeth-brushing and potty routine at 6:30.

In other news, tomorrow begins Alex's last week of Kindergarten. (Unless of course, she wakes up puking.) How can this be? She still thinks that "aminals" is the correct pronunciation. And her calculus is a little fuzzy.
Maybe she needs summer school.

Ah, but she will be in summer school.
School of Mom.
And mom does not tolerate any carpet-poop-smearing. I have eyes everywhere.

(And a general rule that if you have to poop, you can speak up.)

Oh, and my calculus is a little fuzzy too.

Or a lot fuzzy.
Good thing I married a mathlete.

And you know what else? He's actually a really good teacher.
He's been instructing in the aviation world for years now. Plus Pat the Bunny is a teacher, so he comes by it honestly.

Know who has two thumbs and no teaching experience?

(Picture me pointing at myself with my thumbs)

This girl.


April said...

Hi! I'm April! I started following your blog after your box day posted on Sonlight's blog. Just wanted to let you know that you do have teaching skills. Did you teach your kids to walk? Talk? Say their ABC's? Say please and thank you? Use a utensil? Drink from a cup? I could go on but I think you get the idea. We mom's are teachers from day 1! Hope your boy feels better soon and that your girl will dodge that bullet!

I'm Erin. said...

Thanks April :)
You're right about having taught them those things.

Of course, I'm also the one that taught my 5 year old to say "Oh, for the love..."


I'm hoping for the best when "summer school" starts!

Erin said...

What is it about the kids getting sick the second the guys leave? We've had the stomach bug twice in the first 6 weeks. Before that? I don't remember. Yuck. I feel your pain.

Jennifer said...

Ummm... I disagree. You're a nurse -- educator, for sure! Sorry to hear that Derek is sick. No fun! Hang in there. Both of my girls had strep throat the last week of Kaci's school -- the first time ever that Kaci's been on antibiotics. (the 2nd for Taryn...) Such is life, right? Ugh...

Rachel said...

Barf. Ugh. No one has dodged it this year. NO ONE! Sorry about the kiddo. Hopefully, Alex steers clear. I used a public bathroom today, and when I stood up, I noted that the whole front of the bowl was covered in, what looked to be vomit. I'm so excited about that. I can't wait for it to hit our house for the second time this year.

Sandy said...

great! first we can't eat duck at taylors and now we can't drink iced tea at erins =o)

feel better soon buddy!

I'm Erin. said...

ha ha Sandy!
Don't worry, that was just an interim receptacle while the designated puke one was being cleaned.

It was not exposed to any stomach contents. Or else it would become the new designated puke catcher. ;)

Taylor said...

You will be a fine teacher.
Heck, if I can do it, surely you can do it. :) Sorry your sweet boy is sick. :( Sorry you're down a parent. :( Sorry for the vomit. :(