Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Remember When, Episode 2

Remember when...

I went out to dinner for the first time with this guy I had started seeing in college.

We went to the Olive Garden, and imagine our delight to realize that the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl was being offered.
Nothing says classy date like a couple of college students trying to get their money's worth at an all-you-can-eat meal.

I think I tried at least 3 of the pasta/sauce combos before calling it quits.
My date, well, he tried them all.


Then he finally admitted that the "never-ending" pasta bowl had to come to an end for him.
By the time we got to the car, he was starting to look a little uncomfortable. We managed to make it to our next destination before he excused himself to the restroom.
Turns out that's where the pasta bowl met it's actual ending.

Let's take a poll: If you were out to eat for the first time with a guy you were interested in, and he literally ate himself sick, would you continue to date him?

I wouldn't either.

I just married him instead.


Corie said...

Funny! Josh probably loves you spilling out all of his secrets while he is away! :)

the Lumberjack's Wife said...

Yeah . . . my husband ate a hot pepper on our first date and spit it out all over his plate-it was super gross.

And from then on he captured my heart . . .

Sunk Costs said...

Ahahahahaha. Oh man. Boys are so weird.

Happy Mommy said...

So, are you making a little scrapbook or something with all of these in it? Or, maybe a little handbook to give to your kids when they are old enough? You guys had way too much fun (or not) dating!!

Rachel said...

On our first date, Bryon brought me back to his apartment (no nothing saucy happened), to show me the scrapbook he made of his first trip to England when he was eight. What a cute little nerd.

Jen McD said...

Laughing all over again! One of my favorite stories, but only because it makes Josh a little more lovable in a weird pukey way ;-)

That guy is funny with his love of free food!

Dana said...

I can't believe that I got 15 posts behind...you must reeealllly love Josh to put ALL of those posts up! I remember the pickle juice, but forgot about the egg incident. Was it really 3 months into junior year that you got engaged? or was it senior year? I am so old that I can't even remember all the details. Just the shock of knowing that Josh was in the basement about to propose, while Nicole and I had our ear to the vent on floor in the bathroom above your bedroom, just trying to hear ANYTHING!!!! Miss you :) Hi JOsh!

Taylor said...

Look at how long we have been cyber friends!? Since at least December of 2009. We should be commended! I am happy you have not done got sick of me.