Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too Cold to Blog

I want to blog, but I can't.
It's just too cold. I'm vaso-constricting and my fingers can't type.
I suppose I could just turn the heat up, but it's a catch 22. PTB lives in an older house, and the heating system has very little (if any) humidification. So I'm faced with a choice: Be cold, or allow my skin to flake off.
We decided it's one of the downfalls to older homes. Would you trade the character of an older home for skin that resides on your body? Hmmmmmm.
Well this ought to make Josh happy. He was just asking for some more pictures of the kids, so tonight I shall appease him with a little less typing and a few more pictures.

From the much warmer late-November, early-December...


And now I think I shall go roll around in a tub of Vaseline and then turn the heat up.



The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Cute kids! Good luck on staying warm!

Sunk Costs said...

I don't know if they sell it everywhere, and it's rather costy (17 bucks a bottle), but I use a lotion called Lac-Hydrin that I can only get at CVS and they only ever stock like 3 bottles at a time, but it's the ONLY lotion that helps my dreadfully dry, dreadfully itchy skin to survive the cruel South Carolina winter. Tallish skinny white bottle with a green label and a roman numeral 5 on it.

Neutrogena hand cream in that small tube is a distant (but cheap) second, though it has the same consistency as vaseline, and greasy is nobody's favorite holiday feeling. But it beats dry and flaky and itchy any day. I always say I'd rather be in pain than be itchy.

Erin said...

Ha, you have to love dry winters. We have a nicer humidifier going around the clock near all the bedrooms. And as Justin just reminded me, we will have to drag our dehumidifier along on our next move again. I don't even think we could sell it out here!